School Lunch Ideas and Snacks

Looking for school lunch ideas and snacks, welcome!

School Lunch Ideas and Snacks

Many kids are already on back to school mode or in the process to return to normal activities after summertime holidays. And school lunch is one of those topics that is on our top list. As moms, we want to make sure our kids are sent with a balanced lunchbox including tasty items but offering sensible options too.

This article about school lunch and ideas was created in collaboration with Produce for Kids and their brand sponsors for the Power your Lunchbox initiative. 

Favorite on the go lunches

During the years I have published several ideas for school lunch and bento boxes that are easy to make and even have the kids involved the day before helping out preparing their own lunchbox for school. And of course, this lunch ideas also are great for adults to bring to the office instead of opting for fast food.

Grapes from SunWorld

A good lunchbox includes protein, fiber, good carbs and non-refined sugars. We all need sugar, eating fresh fruit is a good option instead of eating sugary snacks that contain refined sugars. We can eat all but with moderation and be observing the serving size. Plus adding activity. Like walking, jogging, playing a sport, going to the gym and why not dancing too!

Sungold Kiwi Fruit from Zespri

When thinking of school lunch, it is important to add snacks that are preferably fresh options that are in season. Such as grapes, kiwi fruit, banana, orange, tangerines. Dried fruits like raisins or cranberries, nuts like almonds and cashews, unsweetened coconut shavings, cocoa nibs, dark chocolate.

SunMaid raisins

Adding savory options is a good idea too. Such as small portions of guacamole, hummus, and low calorie dips made with yogurt paired with veggies and whole grain chips.

Crispy Green Fruit Snacks

All these pairings will go nicely with sandwiches and wraps made with turkey meat, tuna, and whole grain bread. Salads are a nice option too for a fresh quick option to eat at school or at the office. Including flavor infused water with herbs, fruits and citrus are not only refreshing but help reduce soda pop intake.

Wholly Guacamole snacks on the go

Join the conversation and tell us your own experience while preparing brown bag lunches for your family to take to school or work. And if you want to power your lunch box, collaborate with the community and win visit Power your Lunchbox and take the pledge!

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