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Welcome to cooking made easy with Chef Adriana Martin!

Cooking made easy with Chef Adriana Martin

Now you can get personalized one-on-one sessions, sign up for online cooking classes and much more. Learn how to cook easy everyday meals, menu planning, cooking principles, and techniques. Get all your cooking and food questions answered in both English and Spanish. This consultation service is available in person, over the phone, via FaceTime, and Google Hangouts.

We are accepting corporate clients!

If your company is planning a team activity why not consider a cooking class. Cooking together helps with creating teamwork philosophy and fosters better communication and camaraderie, besides cooking, is fun for everyone.

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Are you overwhelmed and do not know what to cook?

Thus you end up buying fast food or doing take out?

Chef Adriana can help you by putting together easy meals that fit your needs and lifestyle.

These are few of the services we offer:

  • If you live in the Orlando and Tampa areas, we can come over to your home and teach you how to cook and put together a weekly menu along with a shopping list. We can even go with you to the supermarket and shop for your ingredients.
  • If you are not in the service area, Chef Adriana is available for travel too. She cooks while teaching, while you learn and try delicious dishes.
  • Do you prefer an online session? Chef Adriana Martin can connect with you online and guide you step by step when cooking a recipe of your choice.
  • You have a special event and want to impress your guests? We can help you with putting together a party menu and providing ideas for easy entertaining at home.
  • Ever wondered what cooking oil to use or how to replace ingredients to transform recipes into healthier options? Chef Adriana’s specialty is recreating classics and updating them to fit modern palates and special diets.
  • You love Mexican food and want to learn basic classic recipes to prepare at home. We are experts on that too. Chef Adriana Martin is Mexican born and can teach you many dishes and cooking secrets,  including how to make fresh tortillas, salsa and much more.
  • You own an Instant Pot and want to cook not only rice and beans but other dishes. We can teach you how to get the most of your Instant Pot and few tricks we have learned.
  • You want to organize a get together with friends and would like to have a cooking experience with them? We can help you with arranging a fun cooking activity for friends and family or even a session for cooking with the kids.

The above are just a few ideas on how Chef Adriana Martin can help you with your cooking journey.

The services provided are all personalized, and we cater based on your specific needs. 

Are you ready to cook?

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