New Year Traditions and Customs

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New Year Traditions and Customs include cheering with champagne

Our New Year traditions include eating grapes, lentils, black-eyed peas, wearing polka dots, colored underwear. Throw coins, grab luggage, and drink champagne. Continue reading about how people celebrate New Year around the world and share with us how you celebrate it too!

One of our New Year traditions is eating grapes!

Eating grapes is one of our New Year traditions and a Spaniard New Year custom

Many of us have learned different traditions throughout the years. I grew up embracing one of the Spaniard new year customs of eating the twelve grapes that symbolize the resolutions for the 12 months of the year ahead, so we eat the twelve grapes one by one right at the ring of the New Year’s.

The tradition to eat the twelve grapes comes from Spain and has remained despite the years. However, there are other new year customs practiced around the world.

Burning sage helps cleansing the home. As well as lighting up candles helps bringing the light inside the home.

New Year Traditions Beyond the Twelve Grapes.

  • Give hugs and kisses as those represent love. So hug and kiss your partner to make sure the year will be full of romance.
  • Throw water outside the main door in your home. The water symbolizes the tears and suffering of the year passing. Throw a glass of water from inside your home to the street. This action will water away from your sorrows for the year.
  • For economic welfare, place a coin inside your shoe or a bill inside your wallet and keep it there the whole year.
  • Eat a spoonful of lentils at midnight or put some lentil seeds in your wallet,  this will help with abundance and will bring economic prosperity.
  • Cleaning the house and burning sage removes the bad energy and attracts better things. On December 31st deep clean, donate, or throw away what you no longer use.
  • Light up candles to bring the light inside your home.
  • Drink sparkling wine or champagne, the bubbles represent the happiness that you’ll have all year.

Other New year traditions and customs from around the world.

New years customs from around the world include painting the front door in a red color, throwing coins, and wearing polka dots
  • In Mexico, we carry empty suitcases around the block, hoping to travel consistently during the upcoming year.
  • In Panama, they burn “muñecos” with images of politicians and personalities to represent the year that is ending and guard off evil spirits.
  • In the Philippines, they toss coins to pans to symbolize prosperity in the coming year and wear polka dot dresses as the circles are considered a sacred symbol.
  • In Greece, families hang an onion in the door as a symbol of the rebirth of the new year.
  • In South America, wearing specific color underwear, its believed will bring love and money. In Ecuador and Bolivia, many wear red for love and yellow for prosperity. While in Argentina the custom is to wear pink for love.
  • In China, some families paint their front door red to symbolize happiness.
  • In Turkey, they sprinkle salt on the doorstep to bring peace and prosperity.
  • In Brazil, people wear white and throw white flowers to the ocean as an offering to Yemaya, the Yorùbá Orisha, or Goddess of the living Ocean in the hopes she’ll grant wishes in the year to come.
  • And in the United States, eating black-eyed peas is a tradition for attracting wealth as many think those symbolize coins.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right!

Round-shaped foods like lentils, grapes, and citrus represent prosperity. Many around the world eat these foods on New Years eve as good omens

Saying goodbye to the Old Year.

Now with the new year, we have another chance to get it right. But let’s not forget to count our blessings. Giving thanks for the good and the bad. Without sorrows and mistakes, we wouldn’t be able to learn how to become better human beings.

May the upcoming year bring each and every one of you many blessings, health, love, enough income, happiness, motivation, and inspiration for creating our own destiny.

Cheers to a fantastic new decade!

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All of these ideas look fantastic for the New Year! We have a tradition of making caviar pie.


We don’t have too many traditions for the New Year. However, my MIL always had us do the grape thing. She just never explained why. She just handed us grapes lol. Now I know the significance of the grapes.

Marie Phillips

I did not know most of those traditions. I love the throwing water out ones. And the underwear ones were pretty funny. I checked, I wasn’t wearing the right colors, lol.


I actually like to start each new year in a different place so I can find out first hand some of the local customs. I must say that Ecuador has been the most interesting place to spend new year so far!


Oh wow! I never realized that there were so many traditions out there when it comes to celebrating the new year. I have heard of the people from Spain eating grapes. It is such an interesting tradition.

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