Cheese Lovers Board Inspiration

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Let’s celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day on January 20th!

Cheese Lovers Board
Cheese Lovers Board

Today I learned that there is a cheese lovers day and happens to be next Sunday, January 20th. Inspired by the celebration, I decided to make a board including crackers, jam, berries, tomatoes, nuts, date bites, a variety of cheeses between spicy, milky, and aged.

Since this board celebrates the love for cheese, I added heart shaped dishes to use for serving cream cheese and Florida strawberry jam, as well as fresh raspberries and blackberries, which makes it a good option for Valentine’s Day too!

What are the components of a perfect cheese board?

Make the perfect cheese board for the cheese lovers in your life
Make the perfect cheese board for the cheese lovers in your life

Try to include a variety of textures and flavors. Use different kinds of cheese from aged, soft, firm and blue. Or select cheese based on the type of milk used. For example, you choose cheeses made with either cow, goat, almond, and or sheep milk.

Offer a variety of slices of bread and crackers. Add sweet and savory preserves, honey, olives, and pickled vegetables. Cured meats such as prosciutto and salami are suggested too as well as adding candied and salted nuts. Plus assorted seasonal fresh and dried fruits.

Cheese Lovers Board with sweet and savory options
Cheese Lovers Board with sweet and savory options

The cheeses featured in this board are Mexican style queso fresco, Monterey Jack, cream cheese, and buffalo aged cheddar. I chose different cheese flavors to offer savory options.

On the sweet side, the cheese board includes fresh cherry tomatoes, raspberries, blackberries, and Florida strawberries. Plus coconut almond date bites, a homemade strawberry jam that pairs fantastic not only with the cream cheese but goes perfectly on a cracker combined with a slice of queso fresco or the Monterey Jack. For crunch, the cheese board includes a variety of roasted nuts, thin crispy cheese crackers and Ritz with buttery notes.

Using heart shaped forms to go with the theme
Using heart shaped forms to go with the theme

Cheese Holidays

These are teh cheese holdiays we found:

  • National Cheese Doodle Day (March 5).
  • National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (April 12).
  • Cheese Souffle Day (May 18).
  • National Cheese Day (June 4).
  • National String Cheese Day (September 20).
  • Moldy Cheese Day (October 9).
  • National Cheese Curd Day (October 15).
  • National Cheesecake Day (July 30).

We are ready to celebrate cheese all year long and you?

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