Complete Easter Menu on a Budget

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The Easter Menu on a Budget is part of a sponsored collaboration with Save A Lot. Items vary by store.

Score a complete Easter menu at Save A Lot and enjoy this honey glazed ham with green beans and more this weekend.

Prepare a complete Easter menu with a twenty-five dollar budget!

I was given the challenge to create a complete Easter Menu with twenty-five dollars – and I scored big when shopping at Save A Lot food stores

I thought it was going to be an impossible task, but I was surprised with all the deals I found at Save A Lot. Watch my Instagram Stories and story highlights to see my complete shopping experience.

Here’s what I scored:

Twenty five dollars at Save A Lot can buy you a complete Easter Meal from appetizer to dessert. Including ham, green beans, cupcakes, and deviled eggs

Share photos of the deals you found at your local Save A Lot store on social media using the hashtag #SaveALotScore for the chance to win $100 Gift Card from Save A Lot.

Please visit for official rules.

I first grabbed the printed Save A Lot deals to check what was on sale. And to my surprise the big ticket item, the spiral smoked ham was only $0.99 cents a pound ($10.00 total), so I grabbed one that included the mix for the glaze.

An affordable honey glazed ham shank with ingredients purchased at Save A Lot

Making ham is family a tradition, and I love the classic ham shank, drizzled with honey glaze and decorated with pineapple slices and cherries. So the next items on the list were the pineapple and the cherries. I scored a $0.99 cent can of sliced pineapple and a $1.99 container with maraschino cherries.

An easy green bean casserole made with olive oil and garlic and using fresh green beans

Any Easter meal needs to have green beans. I like fresh produce and Save A Lot has a good selection of fresh items including green beans. I grabbed a bag at $2.99.

Checked my budget tally and I was doing good so I thought I could add an appetizer. Everyone loves deviled eggs! I found fresh eggs at $1.39, dijon mustard at $1.19, and good quality mayonnaise for $3.49.

Fun deviled chicks made with hard boiled eggs, mustard, and mayo. Served on a tray with curly parsley.

Then I was reminded of dessert, would I be able to offer dessert without going above the budget? I headed over to the baking goods aisle, and I found angel cake mix for $0.99 cents and ready-made cake frosting for $1.19.

Sweet jelly bean cupcakes for Easter. Made with ingredients found at Save A Lot

Don’t miss the Save A Lot Easter sweet deals.

While on my way to the cashier I realized Save A Lot had sweet Easter deals with candy and even inexpensive Easter baskets for the kiddos, too. I bought jelly beans at a dollar a bag. Thought would be fun to decorate the cupcakes with candy for a more festive look.

At this point, I was feeling good because I had all that I needed to prepare a delicious Easter meal on a budget. Headed over to the cashier and my total was $25.21.

This is a complete Easter Menu on a budget. Includes all the fixings and dessert. All ingredients purchased at Save A Lot. The table is set up festive with flowers and bunny figurines.

With that twenty-five dollar budget, and condiments and garnishes I had already in my pantry I made an appetizer, main dish, and dessert. Head over to your local Save A Lot and score deals to make a $25 dollar meal at home like me. Don’t forget to look for the Easter Super Sale items—this week’s specials are spareribs at $1.49 and back ribs $2.49!

Adding extra honey glaze to the ham for more flavor. Pairing the dish with sautéed fresh green beans and garlic.

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Items vary by store. Please visit for official rules.

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