BlogPaws Fun in Kansas City this April!

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BlogPaws Fun Ready to Cook and Party

I am joining the BlogPaws fun in Kansas City , MO next April. This will be my first pet conference and I am so excited!

The BlogPaws conference is where all the pet lovers reunite, and this year BlogPaws is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Due to this milestone, they will have so many experiences lined up for everyone to enjoy, from the exhibit hall’s new experiential areas to some exceptional donations and tons of flash giveaways occurring throughout the event. This event will be an unforgettable conference totally BlogPaws Fun!

Bella loves the outdoors interested in creating a patio that she will enjoy

Bella loves the outdoors interested in creating a patio that she will enjoy learning at BlogPaws Fun.

The experiential areas range from how to create fun and safe patio experiences for dogs and cats. There is a living room, where participants have the chance to meet and greet conference speakers in a relaxed environment in a very nice hotel in Kansas.

Or just take a break while tablets and or cell phones get recharged. I love this idea of having a place with charging stations for us bloggers. And giving access to a library with books that have been published by the very own BlogPaws authors and community members.

Tatiana loves the camera but wants to learn more tricks at BlogPaws Fun.

The section called “The Office” is where experts will share advice on how to take professional pet pictures and discover gadgets for our home office. This area features a Florida beach-themed backdrop for those bringing their dogs or cats to pose and do an impromptu photoshoot. And yes, this conference is pet friendly so everyone attending can bring their pet stars with them!

My beloved pets' health is very important learning more at BlogPaws

My beloved pets’ health is very important learning more at BlogPaws Fun.

I am glad that BlogPaws has considered having a room dedicated to the health of our pets called the Animal Health Alley. Where sponsors will share information about pet health and wellness, I can’t wait to learn more about this topic.

And my favorite area, the kitchen! Where Whisk & Wag will be cooking up for the pups in attendance to the BlogPaws fun. This year I cannot take my precious Bella, but she will be following and me on social media. And all of this is possible thanks to Chewy® and the BlogPaws sponsors.

Follow the BlogPaws fun on social media

Follow the BlogPaws and Chewy on social media!

Make sure to follow @Chewy on Facebook and on Instagram. As well as @adrianasbestrecipes and @TailsDiary. We will be posting all about our adventures in Kansas City and the BlogPaws Fun!

And if you are not familiar with Chewy®, get to know them! They only offer the best brands of pet food, treats, and supplies. They’ve got over 18,000 items in stock and ready to ship. Whether it’s the pet food or the playful toys, they’ve got it all!

Joining Chewy and the BlogPaws fun in Kansas City next April 18-20
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