BBQ Pork Pibil Sliders with Refried Beans

This recipe for the BBQ Pork Pibil Sliders was sponsored by King’s Hawaiian as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

This are the BBQ Pork Pibil Sliders with Refried Beans served on a football themed tray with decorative pins

Game-time ready with BBQ Pork Pibil Sliders Mexican Style!

We are so excited about the BIG game coming up this weekend to Miami. And having tasty bites is part of the fun too. The reason why our menu includes the yummiest BBQ pork pibil sliders with refried beans and habanero pickled onions.

We recommend King’s Hawaiian pre-sliced Slider Buns for an irresistible bite because you know, Buns matter!

Meet the new Kings Hawaiian slider buns

The NEW King’s Hawaiian pre-sliced Slider Buns are slightly bigger than the classic dinner rolls. Look for them at deli or bakery aisle in your favorite grocery store. The sweet buttery flavor of the King’s Hawaiian pre-sliced Slider Buns goes fantastic with Mexican cuisine too.

Find King’s Hawaiian at deli or bakery aisles at the grocery store!

Tips on how to build the tastiest BBQ Pork Pibil Sliders.

The process for making the shredded pork sliders includes spreading refried black beans, and using pork pibil.

First, you need the perfect slider bun. Visit your local grocery store and purchase the new King’s Hawaiian pre-sliced Slider Buns. These buns have an ideal size and shape for the BBQ pork sliders. Plus come already cut for easy handling.

Purchase one pound of pork shoulder and cut into chunks. If desired, choose pork loin for a leaner BBQ pork pibil option.

The kings Hawaiian sliders are slightly bigger than the classic buns

Prepare the marinade with sour orange juice (or standard orange juice), vinegar, cumin, oregano, garlic, and achiote paste. Mix well and cover the pork with it. Marinade for thirty minutes covered and inside the fridge.

Cook the BBQ pork in the pressure cooker or the Instant Pot for 30-40 minutes. When ready, shred the pork and set aside.

The buns get a slightly brown color after oven baking for 5 minutes

Prepare the refried beans using either canned or homemade black beans. The refried beans are a spread used for the BBQ pork sliders.

For more flavor, the pork sliders need pickled onions garnishing. Cut one purple onion making thin slices, and chop one habanero pepper. Place the sliced onions and the habanero in a mason jar. Add one cup of warm water and half a cup of white vinegar. Season with salt and cumin seeds. Mix and let the onions rest inside the fridge for an hour.

Let’s build the BBQ Pork Pibil Sliders!

This is the animated step by step process for preparing the pibil sliders
  • Open the King’s Hawaiian pre-sliced Slider Buns. Remove the first layer and set it aside.
  • Make sure the beans and the shredded pork are warm.
  • Spread the refried beans to the slider bottoms first.
  • Add the pibil pork using a fork.
  • Place the top of the buns and brush with butter.
  • Sprinkle some sesame seeds and oven bake for 5 minutes.
  • Place the sliders on a serving tray and add a side of pickled onions.
  • Pair the BBQ pork pibil sliders with chips

Are you ready to party?

Decorate your table with the colors of your favorite football team. Buy face paint, and start the BIG game celebrations with style.

A football field inspired tray with round sliders

We love to dress up the dogs and buy props for Instagram selfies. That way, everyone can create fun images to share on social media.

Football is such a fantastic game, no matter who the winner is, the excitement of the game is what counts, and of course, the half time show is always one that everyone expects too.

a serving tray with sandwich sliders

This year the show will be all about Latin rhythms, and we cannot wait to dance along. We live in Florida, so knowing that the BIG game will be nearby is also something that brings so much joy as Miami is the city hosting the tournament.

Having Mexican inspired bites is a must to go along with the Latin vibes. So we invite you to try our recipe for the BBQ Pork Pibil Sliders using the new King’s Hawaiian pre-sliced Slider Buns.

a hand holding a small round sandwich

If you love King’s Hawaiian head over to their website and grab more recipe ideas!

Have you tried the BBQ Pork Pibil Sliders? Snap a photo and tag us on Instagram and or Facebook using the handle @adrianasbestrecipes and this hashtag #ABRecipes Happy Eats!

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