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Mercado Municipal Paulistano

Mercado Municipal Paulistano

I love to travel and to discover new flavors and ingredients, that is why today I want to share with you my visit to the ‘Mercado Municipal” in Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you love food and want to learn from where the food you eat while you travel comes from the best way to discover is to visit the local farmers market.  And a visit to the “Mercado Municipal Paulistano” or “Mercadão” is a must do. Many chefs like Anthony Bourdain find this market to be a jewel. The building was designed by the architect Francisco Ramos de Azevedo in 1926 and was officially inaugurated in January 25, 1933. The design is beautiful and showcases  stained glass created by the Russian artist Conrado Sorgenicht, very well known by Brazilians because of his work at the “Catedral da Sé” and other  churches in Brazil.

Photo taken at Mercado Municipal in Sao Paulo, Brazil nothing like fresh produce!

Photo taken at Mercado Municipal in Sao Paulo, Brazil nothing like fresh produce!

Inside the market you can find the freshest produce, meat and condiments and also many options to savor Brazilian favorites like the famous ‘Mortadela” and guaraná.

Brazilian Mortadela Sandwich

Brazilian Mortadela Sandwich and national drink Guaraná

I was also impressed with the different kinds of hot peppers Brazilians enjoy. those go from mild and sweet to very hot. Depending the region this pepper is harvested is the flavor. Who would know that Brazilian cuisine would have such an array of spicy flavors. In most restaurants or buffets when you ask for “pimenta” they offer you these chilli peppers cooked in vinegar.

The many varieties of peppers in Brazil

The many varieties of peppers in Brazil

Brazilian cuisine has european culture influence from the portuguese and italian cuisines. As a starter it is very common to have antipasti made with olives, garlic, peppers, cornichons and mozzarella dipped in olive oil and spices.  And here at the “mercadão” they sell those for people to take home and enjoy as an appetizer.

Brazilian Antipasti

Brazilian Antipasti

Nuts are also very common snack in Brazil and the cashews or “castanha de caju” you can find even in their natural state since  Brazil is an important grower of cashews.

"castanha de caju"

“castanha de caju”

The variety of meats and charcuterie are also impressive and very tasty. Brazil is a country that has very good quality meats and great offerings in terms of cold cuts and milk products. The provolone chips are a must try!

Brazilian Meats and Charcuterie

Brazilian Meats and Charcuterie

To end our visit we had to stop by the dessert isle or “sobremesa” as Brazilians say in Portuguese. My favorite “quindim” sweet treat custard like made with egg yolks, sugar and coconut, absolutely divine.

Dessert or Sobremesa

Dessert or Sobremesa

This trip to the market in Brazil brought me many memories when I was used to visit “La Merced” in Mexico City with my grandmother and also brought me back to the importance of knowing how real fresh food tastes.

Fruits at Mercado Municipal

Fruits at Mercado Municipal

Hoping you liked my article and that you  join me in the next foodie trip!


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  • Jennifer @

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been to Rio de Janeiro and will make my first visit to Sao Palo in September. Your post and photographs have inspired me to visit the Mercadão

    • Adriana

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by if you are a foodie Mercadao is a must do, enjoy!

  • Natalia Carter

    Yo tengo una fascinación por los mercados! Me encanta visitar los de distintos países. Espero algún día poder ir a Brasil!

    • Adriana Martin

      estamos en la mismas Natalia saludos!

  • Karina Fernández

    Me encanta visitar los farmers market. Me gusta la calidad y precios de los productos.

    • Adriana Martin

      si son lugares que no pensamos pero es muy divertido visitarlos

  • Adriana Hogar-Mujer

    Cuanta cosa rica, no hay nada como los productos frescos de los mercados. Preciosas fotos!

    • Adriana Martin

      buenisimo me diverti de lo lindo!

  • Reina

    Que interesante y rico se ve todo, quiero un Mortadela Sandwich! Gracias por compartir este viaje tan maravilloso y las fotos tan lindas

    • Adriana Martin

      Ese sandwich maravilloso muy recomendable Reina! =)

  • American Vida

    Love Brazil! Nice colorful photos! Did you try the fried cheese? Yum!!!

    • Adriana Martin

      Yes loved it the culinary options in Brazil are so vast!

  • ChecaLAmovie

    Que maravilla.. Que colorido.. Que comida.. Que fotos.. Me fascina la cultura de Brazil.. que experiencia tan maravillosa.. Me parece un país muy exótico e interesante.

    • Adriana Martin

      Brasil es precioso, su comida maravillosa y la gente increible gracias Tere!

  • Veronica Cervera

    Ay, que envidia sana me da, querida. Adoro este tipo de mercados. Brazil está en mi lista de pendientes. Abrazos.

    • Adriana Martin

      Gracias Vero en realidad fue una gran oportunidad estoy segura tu iras muy pronto, besos!

  • diana rodriguez

    Wow, como dice Vero, que envidia, tan cerca que vivia de Brazil y jamas lo conoci! se ve precioso!!!

    • Adriana Martin

      Muy hermoso lugar un dia regresare seria fabuloso organizar un viaje juntas!

  • Adriana Martin

    Muy hermoso Brasil sin duda un viaje inolvidable!

  • Cristina Duffy

    Qué rico, todo se me antojó. La comida brasileña es deliciosa!

    • Adriana Martin

      Brasil fue una experiencia maravillosa y la comida ni se diga gracias Cristina!

  • Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

    Love mercados, what an incredible array of exotic fruits, veggies and foods. Had no idea chili peppers and antipasto where so common in Brazil. What an awesome, colorful and flavorful experience, thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Estilo Familiar

    Oye Adriana, siempre me captas con tus fotos y esos viajes. Una combinación perfecta: turismo y comida.

  • Denise@From Brazil To You

    A great view from the cuisine of São Paulo and its European influences. Love the pics!