Strawberry Ice Easy Recipe

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“Disclosure: The information and samples have been provided by Zevia for the #TheNewSweet promotion.”

Strawberry Ice Recipe #ABRecipes
Strawberry Ice Recipe

During this time of the year that we have temperatures above the 80 degrees Fahrenheit my family craves treats like this strawberry ice that goes perfect to include in lemonades and refreshing soda like Zevia zero calorie soda lemon lime flavor. The addition of fruit to the ice infuses the soda with the flavor of the natural strawberry puree which is a good pairing and it is a nice surprise to the palate. These are the few ingredients you will need to make this ice recipe.

Making Strawberry Ice #ABRecipes
Making Strawberry Ice


  • 10 fresh strawberries
  • 1/2 cup of water or cranberry juice

Preparation time: 10 minutes plus 2 hours of freezing time. This recipe makes 18 strawberry ice pieces. You will need  blender and two trays for making ice preferably those that allow for making decorative ice forms.

Make naturally flavored ice using your favorite fruits #ABRecipes
Make naturally flavored ice using your favorite fruits

Follow these step by step instructions:

  • Clean the strawberries and remove the stems.
  • Place the strawberries in the blender, add the water or the juice and blend until getting a smooth puree.
  • Fill each ice cube slot and place the filled trays in the freezer and freeze for 2 hours.
  • Take out few of the ice pieces, place on a nice glass and add the lemon lime zero calorie soda.
Zevia Lemon Lime Spritzer with Strawberry Ice #TheNewSweet
Zevia Lemon Lime Spritzer with Strawberry Ice

I love strawberries and when turned into ice are divine to eat alone as a treat or to add to any soda for making what is also called as a non alcoholic spritzer. This is a fun beverage to serve for a grilling party or any occasion. This is a new way to enjoy soda I recommend it a lot, you and your family will love this beverage to refresh themselves on a hot day. 

Strawberry Ice Spritzer #TheNewSweet
Strawberry Ice Spritzer

You can make naturally flavored ice using your favorite fruits and juices and then enjoy with your soda or agua fresca. I liked this ice recipe so much that I will continue exploring other flavors to enjoy this spring and summer.


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