Happy Waffles for Breakfast

The happy waffles with fruit flowers are sponsored by Kellogg’s® Eggo® Waffles.

a plate with happy waffles made with fruit, honey, and eggo waffles

It is time for making happy waffles with fruit flowers and Kellogg’s® Eggo® Salted Caramel, Thick & Fluffy Waffles!

Mornings can be rough and busy, and sometimes we skip breakfast. Not anymore, because everyone will start the day with a happy face eating tasty waffles paired with fruit and honey.

a collage showing ingredients for decorating breakfast waffles

Who can resist frozen breakfast waffles with homemade taste?

Kellogg’s Eggo® Waffles are super tasty, easy to make, and a delicious way to start the day. That’s the reason why Eggo® Waffles are our favorite breakfast!

two boxes of frozen eggo waffles

Kellogg’s Eggo® Salted Caramel, Thick & Fluffy Waffles are available at Publix!

I enjoy shopping at Publix so much because they always have all the products and ingredients my family loves. I found Kellogg’s Eggo® Salted Caramel, Thick & Fluffy Waffles in the frozen breakfast aisle. Click HERE to get all the details. I found all the fruits and the honey used to make the happy waffles breakfast at Publix too!

a flat lay showing waffles in a plate, honey in a bowl and several types of fruits

I also added to my shopping cart the Kellogg’s Eggo® Apple Cinnamon Waffles. I like to toast and serve them with ice cream, apple slices, and drizzled with a caramel cinnamon syrup.

Why we love happy waffles for breakfast?

These breakfast waffles are fluffy and have a homemade taste. Kellogg’s Eggo® Salted Caramel Waffles are perfection. The taste is fantastic and goes wonderfully with honey and fresh fruit.

six round plates with fruit cutouts and fruit cutters

We like to serve Kellogg’s Eggo® Waffles at home because they don’t require too much time to make! All you do is place the waffles in the toaster, and after a few minutes, they are ready to enjoy. You can get creative in the kitchen and have the kids at home help with the designs.

a collage showing the different elements for the decorative breakfast waffles

What you need for making happy waffles at home.

First, head over to Publix and visit the frozen breakfast aisle. There, pick up a box or two of the NEW Kellogg’s Eggo® Salted Caramel, Thick & Fluffy Waffles.

  • At the produce section, grab mini tangerines, blackberries, strawberries, kiwis, green grapes, blueberries, and a mango.
  • Do not forget to add a bottle of honey! One that has the honeycomb included.
  • The fruit flowers are made possible by using fruit cutters and a thin paring knife with a flexible blade.
  • We like to make edible designs; thus all the ingredients are fruits. We do not use sugar motifs.
  • You can use our design as the inspiration but let the creative juices run and create your own fruit flowers with the kids.
  • We like our happy waffles toasty, for achieving perfect toasting results follow the package instructions.
  • The little tangerine slices serve as the base for the face of the flower. Try to cut a medium-size slice not too thick.
  • The blueberries we cut in halves. And the strawberries we chose the same size to make uniform flower petals. The berries make cute lips too. We used a fruit cutter to cut a lip form.
  • The kiwis transform into the dreamy eyes and give the effect of long eyelashes. As well as serve to make the flower stem and the little leaves.
  • For the bumblebee, we cut the blackberry in halves. And using fruit cutters, we made mango strings for the bumblebee stripes and pollen rounds and mango hearts.
  • The green grapes we used for making very thin cuts to simulate the bumblebee buzzing flight.
  • We added a cube of honeycomb and drizzled honey as the final touch.
A collage showing all the ingredients and final result

Are you ready to try our happy waffles?

Then visit your local Publix and purchase all the ingredients. Get a preview of these tasty waffles HERE.

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Jessica Formicola

These ARE happy waffles! My kids will be so excited when I make them for them this week!


These waffles are so cool and they really make you happy! Perfect for breakfast 🙂


This is such a great idea! A great way to make breakfast fun for the kids. (and the adults too!)


These are just the cutest! That bee is awesome. Eggo have so many great flavors.


These are so fun and they’re guaranteed to brighten your morning!

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