Grandma’s Roasted Potatoes

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For this delicious roasted potatoes I am using soybean oil and I invite you to try it #USBtradiciones #ad
For this delicious roasted potatoes I am using soybean oil and I invite you to try it!

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I had a wonderful relationship with my grandmother, we were used to spend a lot of time together in the kitchen where we cooked my favorite Roasted Potatoes with garlic and spices. Such an easy recipe but so memorable. I prepare this roasted potatoes as a side for my dishes and also as an appetizer before dinner. Everyone that has tasted my grandma’s roasted potatoes has fall in love with the flavor and the simplicity of the dish. The original recipe used corn oil but I have found that using soybean oil I can cook my favorite traditional dishes like my grandmother’s roasted potatoes recipe without compromising taste, while saving, since soybean oil is tenth of the cost of some other oils in the market. That is why for this delicious roasted potatoes I am using soybean oil and I invite you to try it in your dishes too. This is what you will need to prepare my grandma’s roasted potatoes recipe…


  • 1 pound of petite yellow potatoes
  • 1/3 cup of soybean oil
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoons of ground black pepper
  • 2 teaspoons of ground cumin
  • 2 teaspoons of oregano
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
Grandmas Roasted Potatoes Recipe #USBtradiciones #ad
Grandmas Roasted Potatoes Recipe

Preparation time: 45 minutes. You will need a small roasting pan, a mixing bowl, measuring cups and aluminum foil. Yields 6 to 8 servings. Cost per serving less than $0.50 cents of a dollar.

Clean the potatoes with water and soap and dry with a paper towel. In a bowl add the soybean oil and soak the potatoes on the oil making sure to cover well. On a separate bowl combine all the condiments of the list and mix using a spoon. Place the potatoes already soaked on the soybean oil on a medium size roasting pan or skillet. Season the potatoes generously with the condiment you just made and cover the potatoes with aluminum foil. Cook the potatoes in the oven at a temperature of 375 grades Fahrenheit  for 20-30 minutes. Then remove the foil and roast the potatoes until golden brown. Serve this roasted potatoes as an appetizer or as a side dish for steak, fish or chicken.

Soybean oil accounts for approximately 58 percent of vegetable oil used in homes and commercial cooking #USBtradiciones #ad
Soybean oil accounts for approximately 58% of vegetable oil used in homes and commercial cooking

Soybean oil is one of the most versatile ingredients in my pantry. The oil has a neutral flavor that helps me create some of my favorite traditional meals without compromising taste. And now the United Soybean Board invites you to reflect on special moments in the kitchen preparing traditional recipes with your family. Share a cherished recipe and the memories it stirs up from now until September 30, 2014 for a chance to become a featured video on

My Grandmother Alicia at her Guadalajara restaurant opening #ABRecipes
My Grandmother Alicia at her Guadalajara Restaurant Opening

This is a picture of my grandmother’s “Doña Borola” restaurant in Guadalajara on opening day. Beautiful memories of Doña Alicia my inspiration and guardian angel. My grandmother Alicia you can see on the left sharing the moment with her cooks at the kitchen. This picture is from the late 50’s and I wasn’t born yet but my mom and my uncles have told me many anecdotes of that day. My grandmother Doña Alicia was a restaurateur and owner of several successful restaurants in Mexico City, Tijuana and Guadalajara. All I know about food and cooking I learned from her, I was used to be with her in the kitchen at a very young age, peeling potatoes and playing cook of the day. 

My Grandmas Roasted Potatoes #USBtradiciones #ad
My Grandmas Roasted Potatoes

Some of my favorite family recipes like this Roasted Potatoes were originated in my grandmother’s  kitchen. The stories behind the recipes are cherished moments that I will pass on to my children and grandchildren.

As a Soy Connection Ambassador, I encourage you to keep memories and cooking traditions alive by recording your stories and sharing them with us on the Soy Connection’s Digital Time Capsule.

Soybean Connection #USBtradiciones

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