For the Love of Produce and Food

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For the Love of Produce and Farming
For the Love of Produce and Farming

I was recently invited by Monsanto to be part of a food blogger tour to California to learn all about food and the farm to table concept. You all know my passion for food and produce. As well as how hungry I am to learn from where the food that I serve my family comes from. So for the love of produce and food I decided this invitation was a perfect fit for my content, interests, food philosophy and topics I write about.

One of the biggest aha moments during the experience was to learn that flavor scientists exist. And that now produce that tastes good is a trend. I remember when I came to this country and had to shop for food and produce I was shocked that there was little produce variety. And while the fruits and veggies looked pretty, they did not taste like home.

Pepper Heaven
Pepper Heaven

I am happy that now the taste in the veggies and fruits we eat is one of those attributes being looked at a scientific level, no only the looks and the size. Breeding plants helps to improve taste of the vegetables and the fruits we eat.

Banana Peppers
Banana Peppers

At the testing farm I had the chance to see and taste hot and sweet peppers and tomatoes. It was really interesting to see that tomatoes come in different sizes, colors, and taste profiles. And to know that mostly all of the tomatoes grown in the USA are either coming from a greenhouse or a farm in California.

Hybrid tomato tasty and beefy
Hybrid tomato, tasty and beefy

A lot of the peppers tested in these grounds are products that end up in the supermarket shelf. Like Mezzetta who works with the breeders to create better peppers that fit the profile this brand needs in terms of size, color, taste and processing needs.

A melon starts with a flower and belongs to the cucumber family
A melon starts with a flower and belongs to the cucumber family

I am a big fan of melons, cantaloupes, honey dews and watermelons, so getting to see how the plant grows and how is harvested was very interesting. I grow my own garden at home so all the tips provided were certainly helpful.

You know a melon is ready when you see more yellow rhan green in the skin
You know a melon is ready when you see more yellow than green in the skin

Having the opportunity to taste the melon and the watermelons right off the vine was an out of this world opportunity. It is incredible how tasty they were and how a simple bite brought me back home. Many of these breeders tests fruits and vegetables for international markets, such as Mexico. And I can tell you, that cantaloupe indeed tasted like home.

Cantaloupe just cut from the vine
Cantaloupe just cut from the vine

Sometimes we don’t realize but biotech has a big role on the food chain, since science is pivotal for farming. Monsanto has been committed to sustainability for several years helping farmers achieve their goals. Planting crops that use less water and are more resistant to pests. As well as to provide seeds that grow good food that is not only good looking but tasty.

Pollinator flowers are important to have when growing vegetable and or fruits
Pollinator flowers are important to have when growing vegetable and or fruits

I invite you to get to know what you feed your family by visiting your local farms and asking your farmers how they grow their crops. At the end is your decision on what you bring to your table. I am just sharing my personal opinions and what I have learned in this last trip with my biotech expert friends who all work for the love of produce and good food.

Beautiful Pattypan Squash For the Love of Produce
Beautiful Pattypan Squash For the Love of Produce

This article “For the Love of Produce and Food” is brought to you by Monsanto.

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Marielle Altenor

Would be so amazing to be able to taste a melon right from picking it. Must have been a great experience.

Akhil Sharma

I actually started loving farming. I recently planted a few soaked black eyed peas with no extra tools just my finger and surprisingly they all developed into seedlings. How nature works is so fascinating to me. Even a little pea can become a plant or tree. I am into farming now and your post is so encouraging.

Christine Tatum

I am thankful that we have a few organic farms near us. It is nice to go directly to the farm and get fresh produce.

Tiffany VanSickle

My husband grew up on a farm. We live in the city now but most of his family still farms. I love getting sweet corn on the cob, watermelons, and anything else they’ve grown themselves! They mostly farm wheat and beans, but they usually do their own gardens, too, so we get a wide variety of produce.

LIz Mays

The produce all looks remarkably tasty and wonderful! I’m glad you had such an amazing experience there.

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