Adriana’s Best Recipes Contributing to Sears “Grilling is Happiness” Community

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Growing up in Mexico City and now living my American dream in Florida never crossed my mind that one day my passion for cooking and writing would turn into a recipe blog where I share my food inspirations, recipes & culinary tricks and family stories.

As a food blogger I’m always looking to be relevant, connect with my readers and share my experiences with food, and today I’m happy to share my blog has conquered a very important milestone because Adriana’s Best Recipes is growing and extending its wings to fly even higher.


Grilling is Happiness Community

An amazing opportunity has come our way with a brand that I have been fan since childhood, very thrilled to announce Sears selected us to play with the grilling masters by contributing with my recipes in the campaign “Grilling is Happiness”.

Sears Grilling is Happiness





Where I will share recipes inspired in my Latino heritage and Mexican culture; I invite you to follow me in this new adventure by posting your comments and visiting the “Grilling is Happiness” community.




Pork Fillet Pastor Tacos with Grilled Pineapple
Pork Fillet Pastor Tacos & Salsa Verde








Let’s grill and be happy!

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