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Tea Party to celebrate Mother's Day
Tea Party to celebrate Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and decided to organize a small tea party to celebrate my favorite moms with product I received from Donsuemor Madeleines and Davidson’s Tea. Tea parties are a tradition from the old world and thought would be appropriate to organize one for a girls gathering to celebrate motherhood and friendship.

Mother's Day Tea Party with Donsuemor
Mother’s Day Tea Party with Donsuemor

My menu consisted of petite croissants with ham and Swiss cheese, very easy to do, just buy the croissants  at your local bakery, cut in halves and stuff with your favorite cheese and ham, bake for few minutes and voilá you have a quick salty treat added to the tea party menu in addition to the sweet goodness of the Madeleines which goes perfect with this kind of gatherings. Donsuemor Madeleines come in a variety of  delicious flavors: lemon zest, vanilla dipped in chocolate, vanilla and chocolate. This fine product was inspired in the original Madeleines recipe from France and it is absolutely divine. To accompany the tasty treats I offered Davidson’s Tea hibiscus flower, bing cherry with almond and my favorite vanilla cream spice.

Donsuemor Madeleines to enjoy a Tea Party
Donsuemor Madeleines to enjoy a Tea Party

We had a great time, shared memories and best of all made time in our busy lives to reconnect and enjoy ourselves with good food, company and a nice cup of tea.

Happy mother’s day!



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