Cooking with Flowers

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Cooking with flowers #ABRecipes

Cooking with flowers

I love gardening and many of the plants I grow can incorporate into my cooking, like tomatoes, onions, garlic, jalapeno chiles, roses, lavender, basil, strawberries, guava, grapes, thyme, sage, cilantro, marigolds and chives.

Many of these plants grow flowers that can be used as a garnish but also to add perfume and flavor. Cooking with flowers is no mystery is it elegant and a nice surprise.

Edible Flowers, cooking with flowers

Flowers are beautiful and can be included in your cooking #ABRecipes

Who doesn’t like a good looking plate? Thus not all flowers are edible; here is a list of the most common ones that you can use, Lavender, Citrus Marigolds, Old fashion Rose petals, Violas, Pansies, Hibiscus, Basil flowers, Sage purple flowers, Onion flowers, Chive blossoms, Violas and Pansies, Johnny-Jump-Ups, and Zucchini flowers.

With flowers you can create syrups to use for infusions and cooking sauces, add to salads and pastas and even to your meats. Who doesn’t remember that famous recipe of quails with rose petals sauce from the movie “Like Water for Chocolate” (Como Agua para Chocolate) a tempting dish evoking love.

Lavender and Peach Flan

Lavender and Peach Flan (click photo for full recipe)

Cooking with flowers is easy just make sure to use the correct flowers depending the dish you are cooking, flowers should compliment the flavors, some flower varieties include tasty flowers and others have a bitter taste. I recommend always taste your ingredients to ensure a good tasting dish.

Tomato Farfalle and Basil Flowers

Tomato Farfalle and Basil Flowers (click photo for full recipe)

Basil flowering

Basil flowering








Want to add flowers to your salad, here is an idea to flower up a traditional Italian salad use romaine lettuce, tomatoes in the vine cut in slices, onion slices, cucumbers, basil leaves, black olives. Place nicely in a salad plate, drizzle with your favorite Italian dressing and garnish with basil and onion flowers. Or why not a delicious and aromatic farfalle pasta with tomato sauce and basil flowers.

Why not try a violet lemonade. Use Violas, Pansies, and Johnny-Jump-Ups grind flowers in a food processor with honey and water, this will create a divine violet syrup that you can add to your ice cold lemonade.

Rose Petal Cocktail

Rose Petal Cocktail

Feeling fancy  a Rose petal cocktail is perfect idea for weddings and romantic gatherings, using vodka and rose petal syrup. For the syrup you will need antique roses, those that have a fragrant smell, grind roses in the food processor with sugar and some water, and decorate with a rose petal or organic roses. Just remember do not drink and drive.

You can add roses to your ice cream, looks beautiful and makes a simple dessert look astonishing!

Ice Cream with Roses

Ice Cream with Roses

Flower up your cooking, bring the garden to your kitchen!

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Author:Chef Adriana Martin

Adriana Martin is a Latina writer born in Mexico who is specialized in recipe development using fresh and seasonal ingredients. The inspiration behind her recipes is based on the culinary culture of Mexico and influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine and grilling which is one of her passions. Adriana likes to read about the latest trends in cuisine, learn about new cultures, travel the world discovering new ingredients and sharing with famous chefs. She is a wife, friend, step mom, grandmother and animal lover.

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  • Ana @ Miami Mommy Savings

    Adriana, once again thank you for your awesome recipes. You inspire me to keep trying to cook better for the family.

    Thank you for this great post.

    • Adriana

      Ana, thank you so much for such encouraging words, humble!

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    aww Adriana, I love it! I love the receipe of the drink with roses and now that I saw the ice cream and flan, omg! you are amazing! this is so romantic!!!

    • Adriana

      Thank you Eliana, love using flowers in my cooking happy you enjoyed the recipes!

  • Cristina-Una colombiana en California

    Precioso y delicioso! Me animo ya a hacer las recetas y creo que empezare por el farfalle and basil flowers.
    Saludos desde California!

    • Adriana

      Hola Cristina, gracias por tus comentarios me avisas que tal te salio el farfalle, saludos!

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    Estoy loc apor comerme un ice cream con roses!! Esas fotos est[an preciosas!

    • Adriana

      Hola amiga de Comiendo en LA si te recomiendo mucho este ice cream, es vainilla acompanado de helado de fresas y banado con mermelada de fresas frescas. Un beso!

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    What a great idea to incorporate edible flowers to recipes. I’m sure it adds beautiful decoration and aroma. Love the idea :)

    • Adriana

      Happy that you liked it, flowers add flavor, aroma and look amazing in your plate. Saludos!

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    Que rico!!! Tanto que experimento en la cocina y nunca he utilizado flores en mis platos! Definitivamente algo tendré que inventar. Muchas gracias!

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    Everything looks so pretty with flowers!

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    Everything looks so welcoming with the flowers!! Fantastic idea when hosting a party!!

    • Adriana

      Thanks Maria, you are right great for entertaining I’m sure guests will take many pictures and be surprised with the use of the flowers in the meals served, hugs!

  • nicole @nicky_olea

    Absolutely gorgeous post. I love lavender period, it is especially nice in food. I would never have thought to incorporate it into a flan! Que bueno!!!

    I’m totally going to pin this. It’s awesome!

    • Adriana

      Thanks for your comment and support!

  • Alejandra

    Este post me recuerda el libro de “Como agua para chocolate” cuando la muchacha cocinó las codornices con petalos de rosas. Yo quiero intentar el Lavender and Peach Flan.

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    que rico adriana!! voy a buscar some edible flowers from my garden! i know i have some zuchinni and basil ones. i think i saw some on my jalape~os..can i eat those? hehe

    • Adriana

      Hi Nina! Sounds wonderful, you can certainly eat jalapeno flowers, on the spicy side though 😉 besos!

  • Isabel Garcia

    Fabulous post, Adriana! Before reading your post, I knew very little how to incorporate edible flowers to our food. My mom utilizes lots of fresh herbs from her garden in her kitchen.

    • Adriana

      Isabel thank you so much for your comments incorporate flowers and herbs is a wonderful way to add aroma and fresh flavor to your meals, just make sure plants are free of pesticides and are cultivated organically, saludos!

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    Buenos consejos, recetas y bellas fotos.

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      Eso seria un privilegio Teresa! Hollywood meets the Orlando Foodie! A dream come true!

  • Laura @ Family Spice

    I definitely need to plant more edible flowers in my yard. I used rose petals before in a cake and it was divine!

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      Hi Laura, nice hearing from you and that you are getting inspired to try other flowers in your cooking. Have a wonderful day!