SeaWorld’s Viva la Música!

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Chef Hector Colon Viva La Música
Chef Hector Colon Viva La Música

My husband and I were provided complimentary admission to SeaWorld Orlando for this special event hosted by Ella Media. We both are so excited to attend and meet with SeaWorld’s Executive Chef Héctor Col?n,  looking forward to tasting some of his special caribbean creations due to Viva La Música Event. Some of the delicacies include arroz con gandules y pasteles, arroz con pollo, habichuelas rojas y maduros, mofongo con carne frita, alcapurrias and bacalaítos.

Then at 3 p.m. we will be heading to the Bayside Stadium to enjoy some merengue rhythm with who else but Elvis Crespo himself!

Stay tuned and follow me this Saturday on twitter @asbestrecipes hashtag #SWOVivaLatina and get the latest of my experience at SeaWorld’s Viva La Música!





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