My IFBC13 Memories

International Food Bloggers Convention ~ My Memories from  #IFBC13
International Food Bloggers Convention ~ My Memories from #IFBC13

Last month I attended the International Food Bloggers convention in Seattle and what a treat! Visiting Seattle and meeting fellow food bloggers that share same passions as me was an amazing experience while I also created long lasting memories with my husband who traveled with me in celebration of our wedding anniversary, so this trip was a bit of vacation celebration, a lot of discovering and enjoying great food, as well as reaffirming my love for food and travel. Attending the International Food Bloggers Convention this year was a wonderful experience that is why I want to share with you my #IFBC13 memories and highlights of what I experienced while in Seattle. Having the chance to be present for Dorie Greenspan’s presentation was so inspirational and informative. Many great tips through the storytelling of her experience in food and publishing. I hope one day I can do as much as Dorie has done for the food writing industry. It was also fun to learn we share same motto: “never give up your dream and always say yes!”. Then having the chance to try so many great products from prestigious brands like Bai, Brookside, Manuka Doctor, Annie’s and so much more available all on Amazon Grocery that I didn’t know you could actually buy groceries online as well as meeting in person my fellow blogger and grilling master Chef Perry Perkins.

Best of Seattle and Hanging out with Seattle's Celebrity Chef Tom Douglas
Best of Seattle and Hanging out with Seattle’s Celebrity Chef Tom Douglas

Another foodie dream come true was visiting Pike Place Market and exploring all that this farmer’s market has to offer with a local from Seattle Food Tours. We had the chance to taste bites at the hottest spots and learned so much history on how the market came about. Adding to the scenery  the colors of the fresh veggies and fruits was a treat not to mention the flowers that were so beautiful and to my surprise a bouquet ran from $5.00 to $10.00 dollars only. After I left Pike Place Market just wanted to take the market in my pocket and bring it to Orlando, what a gem! Then to top off the day meeting celebrity chef and Seattle’s restaurateur Tom Douglas that has appeared so many times in Top Chef. He was special guest at the Fresh Bloggers cocktail party sponsored by Stemilt and California Giant.

Chateau Ste Michelle Wine Tasting with Chef  John Sarich
Chateau Ste Michelle Wine Tasting with Chef John Sarich

The wine tasting at Chateau Ste Michelle was another highlight of our visit to Seattle; particularly Chef John Sarich, culinary director at the winery; he was a joy to speak with despite being a celebrity and a book writer he was so down to earth. He even took the time to dedicate his book with a personalized message to me. The food was amazing my favorite was the smoked salmon, one of the best bites of my life not to mention the wines, definitely invited to come back soon. If you love food and you are a food blogger let’s meet at IFBC in 2014 in Seattle. I have signed up and I hope to seeing you there next year. Let’s have fun, eat great food, go on adventures and create many more memories in Seattle, can’t wait!
International Food Blogger Conference 2014 Seattle


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