Halloween Treats

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Easy Halloween Treats with Betty Crocker Products #NewFromBetty #ad
Easy Halloween Treats with Betty Crocker Products

“Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.”

Halloween is fast approaching and need to get ready for having spooky treats for the kids and the not so kids anymore. There are so many ideas you can prepare, like caramel apples jello treats, pumpkin sweets, popcorn balls, cupcakes and many wonderful treats for everyone to enjoy.

I recently received HERSHEY’S S’mores Dessert Bars and REESE’S Dessert Bars from Platefull Co-Op and these treats brought me so many good ideas and also memories when I was a child. At home in Mexico we really didn’t celebrated a lot Halloween. All my cousins and some friends would come with their moms and meet at my house for Halloween. While our moms would spend the evening chatting and drinking coffee the nannies would take us candy hunting around the neighborhood on Halloween day. After our return at home my mom would have dinner ready and treats like cupcakes or cake for us to enjoy. That is why today I am preparing for you two options Halloween Reeses Cups and S’mores Dessert Bars A la Mode, let’s bake!

NEW Betty Crocker Products #NewFromBetty #ad #PlatefullCoOp
NEW Betty Crocker Products


For the Reeses Cups:

  • 1 box of REESE’S Dessert Bars
  • 1 tablespoon of water
  • 1 stick of no salt butter
  • 1 egg
  • 6 cupcake liners
  • Fall or Halloween decorations

For the HERSHEY’S S’mores Dessert Bars:

  • 1 box of HERSHEY’S S’mores Dessert Bars
  • 1/2 cup of melted unsalted butter
  • 2 tablespoons of melted unsalted butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 cups of vanilla ice cream
  • 1 cups of HERSHEY’S chocolate syrup
  • 1/3 cup of walnuts

Preparation time: 30 minutes. You will need cupcake mold, a rectangular baking mold, a mixer and measuring cups and spoons.

Reeses Cups for Halloween #NewFromBetty #ad
Reeses Cups for Halloween

To prepare the Halloween Reeses Cups, follow the instructions on the box of REESE’S Dessert Bars. Instead of using a rectangular mold you will be preparing individual servings to make the Reeses cups. Start by placing the cupcakes liners in the cupcake baking pan, then add the first layer of the Reeses mix, then continue with the filling and bake for 15 minutes or until ready at a temperature of 350 grades Fahrenheit. Make sure not to overcook to avoid the Reeses cup to be tough. When ready take out of the oven and let it get cold. Finish with the chocolate frosting and decorate with Fall or Halloween decorations.

Smores Dessert Bars A la Mode for Halloween #NewFromBetty #ad
S’mores Dessert Bars A la Mode for Halloween

To prepare the HERSHEY’S S’mores Dessert Bars just follow instructions in the package. When ready cut in squares and serve with vanilla ice cream, walnuts and drizzle with HERSHEY’S syrup.

Halloween Treats #NewFromBetty #ad
Halloween Treats #NewFromBetty #ad

If you are a chocolate and peanut butter lover these Halloween treats are a must try, you will be pleased with the results and the flavor. I think celebrating Halloween together and having special treats for the kids is a great idea especially if you don’t have to spend long time in the kitchen using either HERSHEY’S S’mores Dessert Bars and REESE’S Dessert Bars from Betty Crocker.

This holiday season visit Betty Crocker Official Site at http://www.bettycrocker.com/ and get fabulous ideas.

Happy Halloween!


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