Celebrating Special Dads

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Celebrating outstanding dads #DoinGood #ad
Celebrating outstanding dads!

Unfortunately I never knew my dad but while growing up I had lot’s of love from my “tíos” who were my main father figure. That is why today I want to celebrate special dads that have made the difference in so many ways.

Tio Checo is the one wearing the bow tie #DoinGood #ad
Tío Checo is the one wearing the bow tie

My uncle Sergio called by me “tío checo” he was the one that taught me discipline and how to eat with a fork and knife. I was only five years old but he impacted me so much that I still keep those teachings very present and have sweet memories when we were used to have lunch together. He was a dentist and when I was a teenager he was my inspiration for getting higher education. In my younger years wanted to be a dentist too but then as a young adult I discovered my passion for marketing and journalism and the idea of being a dentist didn’t come true yet he was proud seeing me succeed in my studies and career goals. I worked with him as his assistant when I was in high school at his dental clinic. We had plenty of time to share our thoughts and in many occasions he shared with me he would have liked to give more to his children. But for me in my eyes he did a lot for them. I couldn’t imagine myself raising seven children. Almost all his children have enjoyed good life, studied careers and have created their own families. I am sure from heaven he is content with the family he raised.

Tio Julio and the most influential women in my life, mom, grandma and aunt Minita #DoinGood #ad
Tìo Julio and the most influential women in my life, mom, grandma Mamá Licha and aunt Minita

My uncle Julio was another great example, he was intelligent hard working man. Dedicated to his family and developing long lasting relationships on business and socially. He loved to travel, good food and golf. I learn from him strength and entrepreneurship. He was general manager of a very important company in Mexico and his success was mainly because of his great relationship skills. He was fun to be with, very jovial person to do business with and savvy about his business. And as a man, he had a lot of strength. He lost his wife and one of her daughters to an accident. But he risen from that and made sure all his other children had a stable and good life even though he also thought he wasn’t doing a lot for them because of all the hours spent at his job to be able to provide a good life to his family.

Tio Victor a special tribute to an amazing dad #DoinGood #ad
Tìo Víctor a special tribute to an amazing dad

My uncle Victor, a great man that dedicated his life to work and his children. He gave me away in my wedding. Passed away few years ago and I still miss him. I will never forget his desire to protect me and help me in any way he could. He was a great example for me in terms of resiliency. Nothing could bring him down the harder the times the more he stood up to pursue his dreams and fought for his family’s well-being even in his last days.

Best dads become hero grandparents #DoinGood #ad
Best dads become hero grandparents

My husband another amazing dad that doubts himself. I have learned from him the meaning of kindness and absolute love. He has been the best dad and now he has become the best grandfather, being a true super hero for his grandchild.

Every parent could use a reminder that they are doing a great job #DoinGood #ad
Every parent could use a reminder that they are doing a great job

My tíos and my husband did great for their children this is a very small tribute to celebrate them. All of them are my special dads and important father figures that have impacted my life and the person I am today. I invite you to celebrate those special dads that you believe they are doing good,  specially now hat Father’s Day is fast approaching. Watch this new video from my friends at Minute Maid. Share it with your friends and family since everyone could use a reminder that they are doing a great job as a parent.

Don’t wait to recognize those special dads, you can do it today by including a shout-out about them and how they are doing a better job as a parent than they may think for a chance to win a Minute Maid prize pack, including a $50 Visa gift card to continue “Doin’ Good” with your kids (or give it to someone you think could use it to keep Doin Good with her/his family). Everyone could use a reminder that they are doing a great job as a parent.

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Recognize those special dads today #DoinGood #ad
Recognize those special dads today!

Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook to get inspired by all the people that is recognizing mothers and fathers. Tell us about someone you know who is doing a better job as a parent than he or she might think!


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