Best Cinco de Mayo Recipes

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Sharing my best Cinco de Mayo recipes because we love to fiesta!

Best Cinco de Mayo Recipes
Best Cinco de Mayo Recipes

You all know I am from Mexico and in my country we do not celebrate Cinco de Mayo same as it is celebrated here in America. For us this day is when we commemorate the battle of Puebla when Mexico won against the French. It is not a national holiday either so everyone goes to work and attends school.

But since I have been living here in the US for the nineteenth years  I have decided to embrace the party and share with you my best Cinco de Mayo recipes for you to get inspired and celebrate at home.

Salsas and Guacamole are very important garnishes in Mexican cuisine
Salsas and Guacamole are very important garnishes in Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine is vast and we have many staple dishes depending from the region we are from. But one thing all can agree is on salsa. We love to add salsa to almost everything and we have a variety of salsas that we prepare. This can be pico de gallo, salsa verde or salsa roja. Made with chile de arbol and spices.

Grilled Guacamole
Grilled Guacamole

Of course, fresh guacamole is a must too. We have different versions that go from grilled, to creamy sauce to chunky traditional mixed with serrano peppers, tomato, onions and a dash of lemon juice. Tacos are very popular too. We make them in so many ways. Soft with corn tortillas and crispy. Tacos can be stuffed with carnitas, grilled beef “carne asada”, mushrooms, and even lobster and shrimps.

La Gringa a typical quesadilla made with pastor
La Gringa a typical quesadilla made with pastor

Quesadillas are another favorite antojito that everyone loves. But one thing that many do not know is that quesadillas not necessarily are stuffed with cheese. We make them with pastor, beans, rajas, zucchini flowers  and much more.

We Mexicans love soups and comforting dishes. Pozole and Caldo Tlalpeño are a big hit always. Perfect for a midnight treat or to recover after the fiesta is over.

Caldo Tlalpeno a comforting midnight dish
Caldo Tlalpeno a comforting midnight dish

In terms of libations tequila is a must when hosting parties. As well as beer and aguas frescas. Now that you have the complete suggestions I am sure you can pick and choose and make your own menu using authentic recipe ideas for a true Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

Michelada classic recipe
Michelada classic recipe


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Such an interesting collection of Mexican recipes. wonderful compilation.


I’m loving all this spread and how colorful they are! Everything looks so delicious. Now, where do I start?

Stephanie Simmons

Now I’m craving all of this – haha! Those quesadillas look especially good!

Kacie Morgan

That cocktail looks amazing, what did you use in it? It looks like my go-to drink!


Love this! Everything looks so good! I want to make it all right now!

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