Banana Agua Fresca Time

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We are cheering with banana agua fresca just because it is a great drink to enjoy anytime!

Banana Agua Fresca Time
Banana Agua Fresca Time

Did you know that bananas are an amazing source of potassium and you can use them to prepare refreshing banana agua fresca? Watch this video and learn how easy is to make this banana agua fresca at home.

My mom was used to make this agua fresca recipe using ripen bananas. Many cooks do not like to waste bananas that nobody wants, so home chefs bake banana bread.

Ingredients for the banana agua fresca
Ingredients for the banana agua fresca

But you might be wondering why bananas turn brown? The high amounts of ethylene cause the yellow pigments in bananas to decay into those characteristic brown spots in a process called enzymatic browning. Black bananas are not good to eat but brown bananas are good to be repurposed for baking, smoothies and more.

Enjoy Refreshing Banana Agua Fresca
Enjoy Refreshing Banana Agua Fresca

We like to make agua fresca utilizing those ugly brown bananas that otherwise will end up in the trash because nobody wants them. And then rather than baking banana bread we suggest this refreshing agua fresca to avoid all those calories but still having a satisfying and tasty midday snack or after working out.

Agua frescas are a great way to utilize fruit and avoid waste
Agua frescas are a great way to utilize fruit and avoid waste

This agua fresca is made with ripen bananas, turbinado sugar, fresh mint lemon juice, and purified water. Since bananas oxidize quick this banana agua fresca should be enjoyed fresh and same day it was made. It is so delicious that I bet it will disappear in a snap. Just serve it cold and use a nice goblet or glass.

Agua frescas are a great way to utilize fruit and avoid waste. How many times we find ourselves with fruit that is about to expire. And making a fresh drink using that fruit is also a good choice. This helps adding more fruits to the daily diet and opt for better natural drinks to offer the family instead of sugary sodas.

Refreshing and sweet banana agua fresca made with ripen bananas, turbinado sugar, fresh mint and purified waterWhen growing up at my home we never had sodas for us in the pantry. Soda pop was offered only for parties and special celebrations. Daily drinks to pair with lunch was freshly made agua fresca using seasonal fruit. That tradition has stick and I offer my family natural fruit drinks too.

Now tell us, do you enjoy agua fresca? Hoping you try this banana agua fresca soon.

Agua Fresca de Banana o Plátano

Banana Agua Fresca

Chef Adriana Martin
Refreshing and sweet banana agua fresca is made with ripen bananas, turbinado sugar, fresh mint, lemon juice and purified water.
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Prep Time 10 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Course Beverages, Agua Fresca
Cuisine Mexican Cuisine
Servings 6 servings


  • 2 bananas ripen
  • 1/3 cup turbinado sugar
  • 1 yellow lemon
  • 15 leaves of fresh mint
  • 6 cups purified water
  • 2 cups crushed ice


  • Peel the bananas and remove the seeds. Cut 15 leaves of fresh mint.
  • Add the water to the blender and the rest of the ingredients.
  • Blend and serve with crushed ice.


Enjoy this banana agua fresca immediately.
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Eileen Mendoza Loya

Sure looks like a delicious and refreshing drink! This would be perfect for the summer months ahead. Thanks for the recipe. I will mix myself a glass tomorrow.

Kristi Ann

This is something new!! Sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try it!

Melanie williams

This looks super scrummy, and a lovely idea for summer. I would serve this at y bbq for sure x


I always cut up my bananas as they start to turn brown and freeze them. That way I can use them later for smoothies. Next time, I’ll look into trying an aqua fresca!


such an refreshing recipe – and I agree I go to all sorts of measures to not waste!

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