An Evening with Anthony Bourdain in Orlando

Meeting the Bad Boy of the Culinary Industry: Anthony Bourdain!

Anthony Bourdain Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, 2013
Anthony Bourdain Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, 2013

Certainly a dream come true having Anthony Bourdain visiting Orlando, FL, city which now I call home for the last thirteen years. The purchase of these tickets was an early birthday gift from my husband who also loves Tony and his adventures in the TV series “No Reservations” and latest “The Layover“.

“Tony” the friendly name I give Anthony Bourdain is the bad boy of the foodie and entertainment industry, is one of those that can get away with anything because he’s the real deal no fake, no make up what you see is what you get. Great writer, storyteller, sarcastic individual and a lot of fun. Never imagined a chef would have the audience mesmerized for two hours talking about his life, the importance of parenthood and how his daughter has changed his life, how he feels about Mario Batali and Paula Deen and stories of what happens behind the scenes when he’s filming his famous Travel Channel programs. Tony is a very talented man, aside from a chef he’s a great entertainer, he had us laughing with his stories and also recognizing that being true to what you are is the name of the game.

After the show ended, we were invited to join Tony in the Hard Rock Live terrace to enjoy some of Chef Bourdain‘s favorites like “pastrami sandwich” and good beer. During this soiree we met with our Orlando foodie friends Droolius and Ricky Ly from Tasty Chomps. After few minutes finally got the chance to meet him in person. Of course no flash allowed and only brief conversation but all was worth it. Tony likes Latinos a lot, he considers latino chefs to be talented and invaluable cooks, underpaid and unrecognized even though they have become the backbone of the U.S. restaurant industry so when I told him I was from Mexico and a foodie he said to me: “We need more of you here in the US, you are all hard working people”.

Adriana Martin and Anthony Bourdain
Adriana Martin and Anthony Bourdain

During our conversation I shared with Tony had the chance to visit Brazil’s Mercadao Municipal in Sao Paulo this year where following his recommendation I tasted the Brazilian beloved “Mortadela” he smiled at me and confirmed we both shared same tastes buds for good food and then he proceed singing  my “Mercadao Visitors Guide” to keep as a souvenir and sealed our meet and greet with a smile to the camera.

Anthony Bourdain and our love for Brazil and Mortadela
Anthony Bourdain and our love for Brazil and Mortadela

This was an unforgettable evening for me, an experience that will be in my memories forever. I hope one day I get to travel with him to Mexico and show him the real DF, our food and the real spirit of our people. Promise Tony no “Octagon” on this trip.

Anthony Bourdain and Orlando Foodie Friends @Droolius & @TastyChomps
Anthony Bourdain and Orlando Foodie Friends @Droolius & @TastyChomps

Hasta pronto Chef Bourdain, see you again soon!

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Adriana Martin

Yes it was an amazing day a dream come true!


That seems like a fun night! I love watching his shows 🙂

One of my friends went as well and I still find it weird that there was a “no flash” rules – given, I tend to not use flash anyway, but in a somewhat dark room…you may just need it 🙂 But either way, you got a great photo with him!


WOW!!!!!!! That is AWESOME!!! I LOVE Anthony “Tony”!!

I love his shows, his books, and his attitude. Oh my gosh what an experience, I’m so happy you were able to experience that, and for him to say we need more yous– umm LIFE MADE!

Maria Bravo

I find this man to be so incredibly sexy. I love how outspoken he is and just how talented. I can tell you had an amazing time!


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! que padre!!! me encanta ese chef!!! ^.^ se nota en tus fotos que te la pasaste increible amiga!!!

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