Alaskan Cod Sriracha Bites Crunchy and spicy Alaskan Cod Sriracha Bites to enjoy anytime and prepared with frozen cod from Alaska Seafood and Wild Alaska Flavors. 4 servings Frozen Alaskan Cod British Ale All purpose flour Sriracha Sazon Salt and pepper Peanut oil

Alaskan Cod Sriracha Bites #WildAlaskaFlavor

Alaskan Cod Sriracha Bites #ASMI #ABRecipes

Alaskan Cod Sriracha Bites

This recipe is brought to you by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI)  and Wild Alaska Flavor though all opinions are my own.

Alaskan cod is one of my favorites since childhood. My grandmother was the first to introduce me to the wonderful flavor of the fresh cod in delicious recipes and different forms of preparations like poached on olive oil and enjoyed in the traditional Spanish way with capers, olives and tomato sauce. Since I love sriracha I decided today to use this wonderful Alaskan cod that I got frozen from Alaska Seafood. Join me in the kitchen to prepare this delectable fish dish that is appropriate for lent and Easter or anytime since frozen Alaska cod is available year-round. Let’s cook!

Ingredients for preparing Alaskan Cod Sriracha Bites #ABRecipes

Ingredients for preparing Alaskan Cod Sriracha Bites


  • 1 pound of frozen Alaskan cod (thawed)
  • 1 bottle of British ale
  • 1/2 cup of sriracha sauce
  • 1/2 cup of your favorite seasoning I like sazón Latino with cumin, salt, pepper,garlic and oregano spices
  • 1 cup of all purpose flour
  • 4 cups of peanut oil
  • 2 lemons
  • 1 bunch of cilantro sprigs for garnishing
  • More sriracha to drizzle depending on your taste

Preparation time: 45 minutes. Serves 4 guests. Cost per person is around $5.00 per serving depending on the cost of the ingredients at your local supermarket. You will need a deep fryer or a soup pan that could be used for deep frying, a mixing bowl, tongs, measuring cups, a whisk, a cutting board and a chef’s knife.

Using frozen cod is very easy, you just have to thaw following the package instructions. Harvesting time for cod goes from January through mid-May and September through October with sporadic openings during the summer so most likely the cod that you will buy at your local supermarket will be fresh depending on the harvesting date. Learn more about cooking frozen cod with the application Cook It Frozen which provides you information about cooking techniques on how to cook fish out of the freezer.

How to makeAlaskan Cod Sriracha Bites #ASMI #ABRecipes

How to makeAlaskan Cod Sriracha Bites

When your cod is thawed use a paper towel to remove the excess water and cut in chunks. Then get ready to prepare the batter, pour the all purpose flour and stir using your whisk. In this way you don’t have to sift the flour, then add the condiments and stir again. Add the sriracha sauce and the beer, whisk until batter is perfectly combined. Add to the batter the cod chunks and let them bath on that delicious preparation. Don’t be afraid in condiment too much the flavors will be mild even though you are heavy handed the condiments and the sriracha. Turn on the deep fryer or place a soup pot in the stove, add the peanut oil and let it get hot, this is the oil needs to reach a temperature of 160C/325F to achieve ultimate results. Fry the bites in batches and place in a plate with a paper towel to remove excess oil.

Alaskan Cod Sriracha Bites delicious dish year round #ABRecipes

Alaskan Cod Sriracha Bites delicious dish year round

This dish is very easy and delicious, cod will melt in your mouth!

Other serving suggestion is to plate the Alaskan Cod Sriracha Bites on a bed of warm white rice and arugula, then drizzle with lemon juice and more sriracha, delightful!

Alaska Cod Fisherman #ASMI #WildAlaskaFlavors

Alaska Cod Fisherman

Alaska has pioneered the standard for sustainable, eco-friendly fisheries management. Unlike many of the world’s other fish populations, Alaska’s are managed for protection against overfishing and sources of habitat damage. By proactively ensuring a healthy, wild and sustainable harvest, Alaska is protecting its superior seafood for future generations. If you want to learn more about Alaska Seafood visit their site since it is important to know from where the food your bring to your home table is coming from and which brands embrace sustainability which is so important for the future of our kids and the planet.

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Author:Chef Adriana Martin

Adriana Martin is a Latina writer born in Mexico who is specialized in recipe development using fresh and seasonal ingredients. The inspiration behind her recipes is based on the culinary culture of Mexico and influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine and grilling which is one of her passions. Adriana likes to read about the latest trends in cuisine, learn about new cultures, travel the world discovering new ingredients and sharing with famous chefs. She is a wife, friend, step mom, grandmother and animal lover.

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  • mena & taty

    I love how you talk to us about amazing seafood from ALASKAAAAA wow, miles away for us, but so full of yummy things to try out! Can’t wait to get my hands on Alaskan Cod to try this out Thanks

    • Adriana Martin

      Many thanks Taty Alaskan seafood is the best so fresh and tender!

  • laura Rodriguez

    Qué rico Adriana! Me encanta el color rojo que le das, meencanta el pezcado frito!! Muchas gracias!

    • Adriana Martin

      Sale riquísimo Laura y no es picante, besos!

  • Negra Flor

    No sé qué pescado es, traducido al castellano. Pero la receta tiene muy buena pinta, Adriana 😉

    • Adriana Martin

      Hola Negra Flor este pescado es bacalao muy famoso y favorito en España y este viene directo de Alaska delicioso!

      • Negra Flor

        Ah! Bacalao!! Perfecto! Gracias por la aclaración!

        • Adriana Martin

          Gracias Negra Flor saludos!

  • Barbara Mascareno

    Great message. I love how Alaska is doing all it can to protect wild fish and life, which is so precious in this planet. At the same time, it is necessary to consume what I need and not waste. I love your recipe and your initiative.

    • Adriana Martin

      Gracias Barbara indeed they do a lot to preserve the ecosystem in love with Alaska seafood!

  • Eliana Tardio

    amo el bacalao, y que bueno conocer más de la historia de la vida marina de Alaska. gracias por la deliciosa receta, que como siempre está en el punto perfecto y la información.

    • Adriana Martin

      Muchas gracias Eliana!

  • Adriana Hogar-Mujer

    Eata receta a mi esposo le va a encantar! Que buenos datos, no estaba al tanto de las tácticas sustentables y eco-frendly de la pesca en Alaska. Saludos

    • Adriana Martin

      Me encanta el pescado de Alaska fresco y preservando el ecosistema, gracias por tu visita!

  • Romina Tibytt

    ¡Que post tan interesante! De la zona de Argentina que vengo, no se come mucho pescado, sin embargo aunque aquí me he acostumbrado a consumir más y me encanta, todavía no me animo a probar bacalao.

    • Adriana Martin

      El bacalao siempre intimida pues muchos de nosotros lo conocemos primero como preservado con sal y no fresco. Cuando comes bacalao fresco es una diferencia total, el sabor es delicado y se derrite en la boca. Incluso cuando lo cocinas no puedes dejarlo mucho tiempo pues esta tan fresco que se desbarata cuando se cocina demasiado. Gracias por comentar Romina!

  • diana rodriguez

    Que rico se ve, en casa nunca comemos pescado, pero esta receta me anima para realizarla…

    • Adriana Martin

      Esta es una buena forma de introducir a la familia a comer pescado que es tan saludable, a quien no le gustan las frituras, saludos Diana!

  • Lina Maria Mayorga S

    wow those fishes -_- hahahaha Nunca habia oido de ese plato