Week One Update #MushroomMakeover #ad

Crimini Mushrooms #MushroomMakeover

Crimini Mushrooms #MushroomMakeover Week One Update

Mushroom Makeover Disclosure

This was my first week joining the Mushroom Makeover project and want to share with you my week one update and how all is going on my personal journey to getting healthier and adapting to lifestyle changes for a better future. During this week I have learned the following:

  1. Having a schedule and discipline is important.
  2. Involving my family in the process is key.
  3. Having a support group is helpful.
Quinoa Good Replacement for White Rice #MushroomMakeover

Quinoa Good Replacement for White Rice #MushroomMakeover

I am not going to lie to you doing lifestyle changes is challenging though I have been feeling so good and with so much energy that has served as a motivation to move and continue with the challenge. As off now I have lost 5 pounds so I guess I am doing well. I am not looking to drop drastic weight but to do it slowly,  lose on size , manage to keep weight off and continue with the program after the 30 day challenge is over. Our nutrition coach Corinne Dobbas has provided us with tips and a meal plan that is easy to follow and also with many alternatives. For example I love rice, of course it is part of my Latino heritage we at home eat a lot of rice with our meals; well Corinne has given us replacements like quinoa and polenta that are not only delicious  but have fiber and make you feel full.

Mushroom Makeover Workout Plan

Mushroom Makeover Workout Plan

But a weight loss program isn’t complete without physical activity and Mamavation’s coach and Personal Trainer Mark Segedie,  Mr. BookieBoo has put together an exercise plan  that combines cardio, burning calories and  building muscle. Daily goal is 10,000 steps so trying to do my best and continue moving. Here a video of the so called burpees for the burn it session. First time I did this was exhausted but the more you do the plan the better it becomes. Yes you will be sore next day too!

The meals are fabulous, replacing meat for mushrooms or blending meat with mushrooms is definitely a great  option. You can make many varieties of meals.  I have used some of Corinne’s recipes as an inspiration to develop my own healthy dishes. Here you have some of my meals of the week.

Grilled Portabella Tacos for Taco Tuesday #MushroomMakeover

Grilled Portabella Tacos for Taco Tuesday #MushroomMakeover

Grilled Portabella Tacos – Portabella mushrooms are my favorite for grilling. They are meaty and could be a good replacement for beef, you can’t even tell those are mushrooms, so flavorful and bold.

Mushroom Egg Scramble – I have been eating breakfast, it is a must to activate the metabolism and this egg scramble with mushrooms, poblano peppers and onions was delicious and very easy to prepare. You have breakfast in less than 10 minutes!

Spinach Mushroom Soup #MushroomMakeover

Spinach Mushroom Soup #MushroomMakeover

Mushroom Spinach Soup – Very easy to make  a good source dietary fiber and protein,  and it is inexpensive. Having soup for lunch is good to help with the cravings.

My Favorite Green Juice healthy snack #ABRecipes

My Favorite Green Juice healthy snack for #MushroomMakeover

Green Juice – My favorite juice ever and great after working out or as a treat for mid afternoon. It is fresh and satisfying!

Chicken Mushroom Stir Fry #MushroomMakeover

Chicken Mushroom Stir Fry #MushroomMakeover

Chicken Mushroom Stir Fry – This one I am using grilled chicken leftovers I had and blending with crimini and white mushrooms as well as shredded broccoli, baby carrots, broccoli florets, snow peas, onions and served over a bed of garlic quinoa.

Replacing some of the ground beef, turkey, or other lean meat with mushrooms is an easy technique called “blendability”. To learn more about this topic see this video.

I Invite you to continue following me on my journey, I am excited to go for Week Two!

New Mushroom Council Logo

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Author:Chef Adriana Martin

Adriana Martin is a Latina writer born in Mexico who is specialized in recipe development using fresh and seasonal ingredients. The inspiration behind her recipes is based on the culinary culture of Mexico and influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine and grilling which is one of her passions. Adriana likes to read about the latest trends in cuisine, learn about new cultures, travel the world discovering new ingredients and sharing with famous chefs. She is a wife, friend, step mom, grandmother and animal lover.

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  • laura Rodriguez

    Adriana muy buenas tus propuestas, creo que tener un grupo de apoyo es fundamental, casi en todo lo que hacemos es más llevadero hacerlo con gente que nos de ánimo para conseguir nuestras metas.

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      Si el grupo de apoyo ha sido fabuloso y mi esposo tambien esta haciendo el regimen y eso me ayuda. Un beso gracias por tu visita!

  • mena & taty

    Congrats on the weightloss!!! So excited for you slow and steady would be the way to go for me too
    Triple yum in the mushrooms!!!!

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      Thanks Taty yes I prefer slow weight loss rather than to gain it back again quickly so probably by Hispanicize I will still be a little chubby but not extremely flaca anyways I will never be flaquita LOL hugs!

  • Veronica Cervera

    Wow, que bien que ya has perdido 5 libras y comiendo rico. Muchas felicidades, Adriana querida.

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      Gracias Vero comer rico puede ser también saludable es solo cambiar unos ingredientes por otros. Gracias por tu visita!

  • http://www.spanish4kiddos.com/ Barbara Mascareno

    Fabulous the recipes you present here. I’ll have to try them out.

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      I have three of them already published rest coming soon, thanks for your visit!

  • http://www.consaborakafe.com/ Karina Fernández

    Felicidades por tus logros. Fantástico!

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      Gracias Karina!

  • Maybelline

    I agree… changing what took years to learn is not an easy task, but seeing the results and gaining energy is well worthy!.. Congratz!, you’re doing AWESOME!

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      It is difficult but my husband is doing the program too that has helped a lot. Thanks amiga for your kind comments!

  • Alejandra Ramirez Castro

    Enhorabuena Adriana! Congratulations!

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      Gracias Alejandra!

  • http://www.ahorrosparatodas.com/ diana rodriguez

    Super delicioso!!! Felicidades por tus logros!

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      Gracias Diana!

  • Adriana Hogar-Mujer

    Te felicito porque se que no es fácil, congrats. Gracias tambien por las recetas, me vienen super bien.

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      Gracias amiga!

  • BohemianBabushka

    You had me till the green juice… Admiring your dedication and will make your recipes. Except the green juice. ; ) BB2U

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      You are so funny BB if I prepare you the green juice you will love it!

      • BohemianBabushka

        If YOU prepare it I will drink it. Don’t promise I’ll love it, but I will definitely drink it. BB2U

  • Priscilla Willis

    Good for you! I love mushrooms and would be happy eating them every day and I use them to replace meat in a lot of recipes. I was worn out watching the burpee video 😉

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      Thanks Priscilla for your visit indeed the mushrooms are delicious but he workout is a killer I am still hanging in there. Happy week!

  • ChecaLAmovie

    Mil felicidades.. Ánimo, ánimo, ánimo que si se puede.. Me lo digo también a mi misma, y las recetas deliciosas… :)

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      Gracias Tere si le estamos echando lo kilos!

  • http://heresmytakeonit.blogspot.com/ Kelly Blackwell

    YOU are so inspiring! The shroomers look so good. You are really giving me a lot to think on. Thank you!

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      Hi Kelly many thanks for stopping by and for getting inspired with my journey, I can tell you it has been difficult but I feel great. Not looking to be a skinny minnie because I will never be but at least become healthier,have a happier life and pumped up my self esteem. We all ladies are wonderful and we should celebrate no matter the size because we all are beautiful inside and out. Sending you hugs!