Citrus Caviar Salmon Bites #ABRecipes

Citrus Caviar Salmon Bites #ABRecipes

Citrus Caviar Salmon Bites

Game day is almost here and to honor the Seattle Seahawks I have developed a tasty appetizer recipe to enjoy with friends in this special occasion. Seattle is famous for serving the best salmon lox and offering very unique point of view on their culinary offerings by bringing the farm to the table and creating menus based on seasonality. Visiting Pike’s Place, the biggest farmers market I have ever visited was such an amazing experience. You can buy the freshest salmon which is smoked right there at the market. This flavor profile of the salmon and that experience I had at Pike’s Place are the inspiration behind this Citrus Caviar Salmon bites that combine the creamy texture of the cream cheese, with the crunch of the citrus caviar or finger limes and the lusciousness of the tasty smoked salmon and the capers making it the perfect bite.

Fresh Salmon at Pike's Place #ABRecipes

Fresh Salmon at Pike’s Place


110 grams of smoked salmon fillet slices

8 finger limes

1 cup of whipped cream cheese

2 teaspoons of capers

2 teaspoons of olive oil

24 water crackers

24 fresh parsley leaves

Ingredients for preparing the citrus caviar salmon bites #ABRecipes

Ingredients for preparing the citrus caviar salmon bites

Preparation time: 30 minutes. Cost per canape  is less than $0.75 cents. This recipe makes 24 bites. You will need a chopping block, a knife, a butter spread knife and a serving plate.

The process is very easy, start by taking the salmon slices out of the package and cut to a size of a bite. Then take the water crackers and spread some cream cheese on each, add the salmon, sprinkle with citrus caviar from a finger lime, add 2 or 3 capers per cracker, decorate with fresh parsley leaves and drizzle some olive oil.

Citrus Caviar Salmon Bites the perfect appetizer for entertaining at home #ABRecipes

Citrus Caviar Salmon Bites the perfect appetizer for entertaining at home.

The preparation is very easy and fast, this appetizer requires to be prepared at the moment which means you cannot prepare in advance but it will be a crowd pleaser.  The combination of the ingredients and the different textures make this Citrus Caviar Salmon Bites the perfect appetizer for entertaining at home.

Let the best team win!

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  • Isabel Garcia

    I like how easy it is to prepare this yummy appetizer! :-)

    • Adriana Martin

      Hola Isabel many thanks for stopping by I am glad you liked my latest creation, hugs!

  • BohemianBabushka

    That looks unreal!! RIQUISIMO!!! Gonna go see if I can find some of those limes!

    • Adriana Martin

      Many thanks BB!

  • mena & taty

    I love pikes place! that looks just perfect for every occasion!

    • Adriana Martin

      Thanks Taty Pikes Place was my 2013 highlight, saludos!

  • Karina Fernández

    Beautiful presentation. Good enough to eat them all.

    • Adriana Martin

      Very kind Karina many thanks!

  • diana rodriguez

    Con esto estamos listos para el superbowl! Hermosas fotos!

    • Adriana Martin

      Gracias Diana!

  • Veronica Cervera

    Ese salmoncito se ve ve hecho una mantequillita. Quiero comerme unos cuantos de este. Y pensar que por mucho tiempo yo sólo comía salmón crudo ;-)

    • Adriana Martin

      Gracias Veronica estos canapes son muy sabrosos si lo haces me avisas, saludos!

  • Adriana Hogar-Mujer

    Se ven deliciosos, la presentacion esta genial. Una opcion perfecta para el super bowl, gracias

    • Adriana Martin

      Gracias Adriana por tu comentario, saludos!

  • Ninaonthemoon

    Adriana, nunca e probado los salmon bites, pero se me antojo muchisimoooo asi como lo preparaste! :D

    • Adriana Martin

      El salmon es riquisimo y muy saludable estou segura que cuando lo pruebes te encantara, besos!

  • ChecaLAmovie

    Wow.. que delicia… Y la presentación.. Ideal para una reunión. Mil gracias por compartir la info.

    • Adriana Martin

      Gracias Tere por tu visita y comentario, saludos!

  • Myrah – Coupon Mamacita

    That is a very sophisticated, classy recipe! Thank you!

    • Adriana Martin

      Thanks Myrah it is also very simple to prepare, saludos!

  • Mamá XXI

    ¡Que lindo para preparar cunado invitados!! se ve muy delicado y además ¡super delicioso!

    • Adriana Martin

      Muchas gracias!

  • Maybelline

    Looks wonderful! is the salmon cooked?..

    • Adriana Martin

      Thanks Maybelline, the salmon has been smoked so yes it is cooked. Saludos!

  • mmwine

    I have never heard of Finger Limes. The idea of the citrus to balance the salmon is brilliant. I would definitely pair a nice Sauvignon Blanc with this canape. Actually, I would really go with Champagne or sparkling wine … perfect balance for the saltiness of the salmon!


    • Adriana Martin

      Many thanks Matt for the visit and king comments I agree with you champagne will go perfect with this delightful canape. Finger limes or citrus caviar is a fruit from Australia now available in the US I discovered this ingredient in the International Food Bloggers convention last year. Have an amazing day!