Seven Minutes Recipes #FamilyBreakfast Project

Cheerios #FamilyBreakfast Project #ABRecipes

Cheerios #FamilyBreakfast Project

disclosureWe as chief household officers hold many responsibilities including  feeding our family and looking after their health. I have gotten requests from moms and ladies like us to provide tips and easy recipes to feed our family and ourselves. Breakfast time is one of those meals that sometimes are underestimated and do not get the attention they deserve even though breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What we consume in the first hours of our day determines our level of energy and ability to do all we need, and for our children it is also very important as they will need nutrients and food in their tummy to learn better at school. When I was invited to participate in the Cheerios Family Breakfast Project I got very excited since this gives me the chance to share with you tips and seven minutes recipes that you can prepare at home to start your day energized and happy while also taking seven minutes of your time to share with your family.

Fresh Fruit Tray for Seven Minutes Recipes #ABRecipes

Fresh Fruit Tray for Seven Minutes Recipes Part of the Cheerios Family Breakfast Project

In order to provide a good breakfast for me fruit is very important. Stock your fridge with seasonal fruits found at your local supermarket or at the farmer’s market. Choose a variety search for different flavors and textures. Fruits are a great way to introduce new flavors to those picky palates. Like papaya, a delicious fruit that also helps with digestion and tastes like honey. Clementines are that fruit that most kids and those young at heart love. Providing also fruits that are fun like the kumquat a mini orange that you can actually eat whole and taste like the sweetest orange you’ll ever had. Choosing seasonal fruits also helps with the budget as you will find fresh fruits at reasonable pricing. I invite you to cook this seven minutes recipes for breakfast, let’s cook!

Cheerios, Milk and fresh Hawaiian Papaya one of the Seven Minute Recipes for the Family Breakfast Project

Cheerios, Milk and fresh Hawaiian Papaya one of the Seven Minute Recipes for the #FamilyBreakfast Project

Cheerios, Milk and fresh Hawaiian Papaya one of the Seven Minute Recipes for the Family Breakfast Project

Papaya or also known as “lechosa or fruta bomba”  is a caribbean fruit that comes in different sizes and flavors. There is yellow papaya and orange; you also can find them small those papayas come from Hawaii and are a lot of fun for the kids or the famous papaya maradol very common in countries like Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Me myself the papaya maradol or sunrise and the petite Hawaiian papaya are my favorites since both are sweet as honey and very easy to find in the Florida market. For this recipe you will need fresh cold milk, the one you prefer to drink, cubes of papaya and Cheerios cereal. Place the cereal in your favorite bowl, add the papaya, and then pour the cold milk. This combination I am sure you will love and you could also play into the Hawaiian theming for getting the kids excited and have them learn something new before they leave for school while bonding with mom and dad.

Clementine Yogurt Honey and Cheerios Shake another idea part of the Seven Minute Recipes for the Family Breakfast Project

Clementine Yogurt Honey and Cheerios Shake another idea part of the Seven Minute Recipes for the #FamilyBreakfast Project

Clementine Yogurt Honey and Cheerios Shake another idea part of the Seven Minute Recipes for the Family Breakfast Project

Clementines or known in Spanish as “mandarinas” and are now in season. This fruit is packed with vitamin C and you can eat in juice or whole. Clementines are very tasty and go very nice with a protein shake using greek yogurt and honey. The Cheerios cereal adds a good smooth texture to the shake and  a nutty flavor. You will need for one shake one cup of greek yogurt, two cups of clementine juice, one teaspoon of honey and half cup Cheerios cereal. Blend and serve cold in a quirky glass and a straw. This shake I am sure your family will love, for my husband is a welcome treat in the morning time when we take seven minutes to chat about our plans for the evening and gives us time together before he leaves to work.

Greek Yogurt Kumquat Parfait with Cheerios easy idea part of the Seven Minute Recipes for the Family Breakfast Project

Greek Yogurt Kumquat Parfait with Cheerios easy idea part of the Seven Minute Recipes for the #FamilyBreakfast Project

Greek Yogurt Kumquat Parfait with Cheerios easy idea part of the Seven Minute Recipes for the #FamilyBreakfast Project

Kumquats are  a small winter fruit with the shape and flavor of a tiny sweet orange. You can eat kumquats whole since its skin is sweet and has a floral flavor unlike the orange it isn’t bitter. You can eat this fruit raw or cook for sauces, jellies, marmalade, and desserts. During the winter time I do a lot of canning and this year I prepared kumquat preserves to eat with my toast and also to use for parfait and cocktails. When I was a child my mom introduced me to kumquats called in Spanish “naranjas chinas”. Now those tiny fruits bring me good memories from my mom who always was inviting  me to taste new things. Same way my mom did with me I invite to create those memories with your kids, few minutes everyday create a lifetime impact. I absolutely love to prepare parfaits and this one has per serving one cup of greek yogurt, two teaspoons of kumquat preserves and one  teaspoon of Cheerios cereal for crunch. Easy and delicious!

My  table for  #FamilyBreakfast with Cheerios

My table for #FamilyBreakfast with Cheerios

Now that you have this easy recipe ideas I invite you to join the Cheerios Family Breakfast Project, every day during a period of seven days take seven minutes  to enjoy breakfast with your family eating healthy, sharing fun facts and activities. Join the conversation in the Cheerios social media channels and share with us your own family breakfast project because when families do breakfast together amazing things can happen.

Adriana Martin and Bella ready to start the day #ABRecipes

Adriana and Bella ready to start the day!


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