Mango and Serrano Chile Salsa

Mango and Serrano Chile Salsa #ABRecipes

Mango and Serrano Chile Salsa

I love mangoes for dessert for also for preparing fresh salsa to use for tacos, grilled fish and chicken or just eat with chips. Mangoes are still available at the supermarket during this time of the year. You can use any type of mango you prefer to prepare this fresh Mango and Serrano Chile Salsa.


  • 2 mangoes of your choice cut in cubes
  • 2 serrano chiles finely chopped
  • 1 medium purple onion finely chopped
  • 1 cup of chopped cilantro
  • 1 yellow lemon juiced
  • Sea salt
Mango and serrano chile salsa ingredients #ABRecipes

Mango and serrano chile salsa ingredients

Preparation time: 15 minutes. This recipe makes 2 cups of salsa. Approximate cost per cup $2.00 depending on local ingredients cost. You will need a paring knife, a cutting board, and a mixing bowl for preparing this easy and fresh Mango and Serrano Chile Salsa.

How to prepare the Mango and Serrano Chile Salsa #ABRecipes

How to prepare the Mango and Serrano Chile Salsa

Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and combine all together. Pour salsa in a sealed container and keep refrigerated until ready to serve. This Mango and Serrano Chile Salsa will be fresh for 2 days if properly stored though it is better when consumed same day. This salsa is also great on grilled turkey burgers, pork, chicken kebabs and  shrimp or to eat for a quick bite with tortilla chips. Mangoes are also a healthy option and also considered a superfruit, one cup of mango provides 1o0%of the daily vitamin C required for a healthy lifestyle. I am sure your family will love this Mango and Serrano Chile Salsa that is also very affordable.



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Author:Chef Adriana Martin

Adriana Martin is a Latina writer born in Mexico who is specialized in recipe development using fresh and seasonal ingredients. The inspiration behind her recipes is based on the culinary culture of Mexico and influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine and grilling which is one of her passions. Adriana likes to read about the latest trends in cuisine, learn about new cultures, travel the world discovering new ingredients and sharing with famous chefs. She is a wife, friend, step mom, grandmother and animal lover.

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  • diana rodriguez

    OMG, que delicia esta salsa, con unos bufalo wings ….

    Gracias por participar de #ViernesdeRecetasEconomicas #VRE en

    • Adriana Martin

      Gracias Diana, esa idea de acompanar las buffalo wings con esta salsa me la imagino espectacular!

  • Enmicocinahoy

    Esta salsa le va perfecto a las quesadillas que haré de cena, gracias amiga.

    • Adriana Martin

      Uy que ricas estaran esas quesadillas, saludos querida!

  • Marlene Martinez

    Esta salsa en particular a mi me encanta, como buenas mexicanas el chilito no debe faltar sobre todo es ideal a la hora de los mariscos.

    Saludos y #felizdia

    • Adriana Martin

      Eso sí el chilito nunca falta jajajaja saludos Marlene!

  • Chef Di

    Beautiful and sounds delicious… on just about anything! Thanks for the great recipe.

    • Adriana Martin

      Hi Chef Di many thanks for your kind comment hoping you will try my recipe soon!

  • Veronica Cervera

    Divina esta salsita.

    • Adriana Martin

      Y tan facil, saludos Vero!

  • Dollys

    Me encanto para acompanar unos taquitos de pescado,

    • Adriana Martin

      Gracias Dollys saludos!

  • Adriana Hogar-Mujer

    Esta salsa tiene que estar deliciosa, me encanta probar recetas nuevas y aqui siempre aprendo algo, gracias Adriana!

    • Adriana Martin

      Gracias amiga es muy sabrosa y muy facil de hacer!

  • Reina

    Que delicioso debe saber esto, se ve espectacular, gracias por la receta !