The Sequilhos are Brazilian-style cookies made with a combination of corn starch, butter, Dixie Crystals, Extra Fine Granulated Sugar, and other ingredients that make this cookie a winner.

The secret is to cream the butter and use high-quality ingredients. And measure all the components using a scale.

The other secret for best results is to keep the dough cold. Needs refrigeration after forming and before baking. The dough is freezer friendly too.

When oven baking the cookies, do so at 375°F for 10 to 11 minutes. The cookies must not brown. The color will remain white, and the bottom will show a light brown color.

Classic Sequilhos do not have lime glaze but we added it for extra flavor.

The Sequilhos are perfect for tea time!

These cookies are delicate and practically melt in your mouth. Cannot eat only one!