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Essential oils help to remove negative energy in the living space
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How to Remove Negative Energy in your Home

We are providing a few tips and tricks on how to remove negative energy in your home. A few simple steps create a better living space and receive the new year energized and full of light.
Tiempo de preparación15 min
Cleaning time1 d
Autor: Chef Adriana Martin


  • Boxes
  • Cleaning supplies including white vinegar and a broom
  • A bucket, a vase, and a mop
  • Water and desinfectant
  • White candles
  • Incense, palo santo, or sage
  • Fresh flowers
  • Green plants such as a rue herb
  • A wind chime
  • A bowl with apples


  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1 gallon water
  • 1 rue herb
  • 1 palo santo
  • 1 incense
  • 1 sage
  • 3 white candles

Elaboración paso a paso

  • Make an inventory of what you have. Decide what is good to donate and what should be discarded. Use boxes to divide the goods and keep only the necessary. Decluttering is important to allow new and better things to come.
  • Deep clean your living space using water and vinegar. Clean all the doorknobs and windows too. Open the windows to allow the air to flow.
  • Lit white candles, Burn incense or sage. And oil diffuser is a good replacement for incense and sage. Use eucalyptus and orange essential oils.
  • Place fresh flowers and a bowl of fresh apples in the main entrance of the house. Hang a wind chime in the main entrance too. In each bedroom, place a glass full of water on the night table. Replace that water every day.
  • Outside your home, add a planter with rue. This herb works as a repellent to bad energy. Make sure it is outside as it can be poisonous to cats and dogs.