Potato Cream Soup #CheeseSociety #ad

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Potato Cream Soup #ABRecipes #AuténticoCheeseSociety

Potato Cream Soup with Cacique #AuténticoCheeseSociety

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This time of the year when temperatures drop and we crave for comfort food there is nothing better than a potato cream soup to satisfy the hunger and warm our hearts. A hot bowl of soup is so comforting really makes me feel at home. I am a big fan of potatoes they are satisfying and nutritious and the Russet potatoes go very well with this recipe, they are velvety and fluffy when cooked and pair nicely with the Cacique queso fresco and Mexican style sour cream or Crema Mexicana which are also two of my favorite ingredients to cook with  that is why today I want to share with you my recipe for preparing Potato Cream Soup.

Ingredients to prepare Potato Cream Soup with Cacique Cheese and Crema Mexicana

Ingredients to prepare Potato Cream Soup with Cacique Queso Fresco and Crema Mexicana


  • 4 russet potatoes
  • 1 vidalia onion chopped
  • 1 aji or red pepper cut in rounds
  • 2 cups of Cacique Crema Mexicana
  • 2 cups of crumbled Cacique Queso Fresco
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil
  • 6 cups of water
  • Salt and pepper
  • Cilantro florets to decorate

Preparation time: 45 minutes. Serves 4-6 guests. Approximate cost per person is $2.00 depending on ingredients cost at your local supermarket. You will need a chopping block, a chef’s knife, two soup pots with lid, a potato masher, a potato peeler, a spoon and a ladle along with soup bowls for serving.

Start buy cleaning the potatoes very well with running water and soap you can even use a vegetable brush to clean them well and remove any dirt. Then peel the potatoes, cut them in quarters and place them in the soup pot; add the water making sure potatoes and completely covered, place the lid on the pot and cook al medium flame until potatoes are tender. In another soup pot add the olive oil and the chopped onion, saute the onions on the oil and then add the cooked potatoes. Mash the potatoes until getting a chunky consistency and add slowly 4-6 cups of the water where the potatoes were cooked. Season with the aji cut in rounds, salt and pepper and let the soup simmer for few minutes. Then add the two cups of Cacique Crema Mexicana and stir. Serve the soup on a bowl using a ladle, garnish with crumbled Cacique Queso Fresco and decorate with fresh cilantro leaves.

Potato Cream Soup #ABRecipes #AuténticoCheeseSociety

Potato Cream Soup Serving Suggestion

Cacique is a family owned company that was started over 40 years ago offering unique products to satisfy the demand for Latino flavors and ingredients. One of their most important products is the “Queso Fresco” produced with very high quality standards that has allowed Cacique to become the number one brand in the United States producing high quality Hispanic cheeses. This year Cacique is celebrating it’s 4oth anniversary and to commemorate this special milestone they have launched the “Auténtico Cheese Society” for all of us foodies that seek culinary discovery and cultural exploration of new flavors.  The first 20,000 members who sign up to the Auténtico Cheese Society will receive a welcome package with $5 in coupons, plus every month, 125 members will be randomly selected to win a free cheese coupon. Being part of the Auténtico Cheese Society also gives you access to a monthly members-only newsletter that highlights product attributes, usage ideas and recipes for the “Cheese of the Month”.

I am part of the Auténtico Cheese Society and I am already enjoying the benefits that is why I want to invite you to join today because there are very few spots!

Cacique Auténtico Cheese Society  #AuténticoCheeseSociety

Cacique Auténtico Cheese Society


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  • mena & taty

    So perfect!!! I wonder if you can do the same and replace potato for onions….

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      Hola Taty I haven’t tried this recipe with onions but stay tuned I will post soon a french onion soup to die for, saludos!

  • http://www.soymamaencasa.com/ Reina

    Que maravilloso, en casa nos encanta la papa con este frío ca de los más bien, gracias por la receta y como la siempre las fotos estan preciosas

    • http://adrianasbestrecipes.com/ Adriana Martin

      Muchas gracias Reina!

  • Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

    Que delicia. Me fascinan las sopa y ahora que ya comenzó a hacer un poquito de frio aqui en FL puedo aprovechar para hacer esta sopita! YU!

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    Me encanta. Ando de sopitas y ensaladas en estos días y se agradecen recetas ricas como esta. Además en casa no falta el queso fresco y el de Cacique es de nuestros preferidos.

  • Cristina Duffy

    Wow wow, qué rico se ve. Esa sopita de papa me caería de perlas ahora mismo.

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    Tengo muchas ganas de preparar esta crema, se ve deliciosa.