New Year’s Traditions

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Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!

Many of us have learned different traditions throughout the years. Myself grew up embracing the Spaniard tradition of the twelve grapes that  symbolize your resolutions for the 12 months of the year ahead and we eat those right at the ring of the New Year’s, but there are many others that I want to share with you so we start the year with the right foot as my friend Ana Laura recommends:

  1. Hug and kiss, this represents love, so hug and kiss your partner to make sure the year will be full of romance.
  2. Through water, the water symbolizes the tears and suffering of the year passing. Throw a glass of water from inside your home to the street, this will water away your sorrows for the year.
  3. For economic welfare place a coin inside your shoe or a bill inside your wallet and keep it there the whole year.
  4. Eat a spoonful of lentils at midnight or put some lentil seeds in your wallet,  this will help with abundance and will bring economic prosperity.
  5. Cleaning the house removes the bad energy and attracts better things. On the 31st deep clean, donate or throw away what you no longer use.
  6. Drink sparkling wine or champagne, the bubbles that form when serving represent the happiness that you’ll have all year.

All of the above are great ideas and traditions to incorporate this new year’s eve, don’t forget to count your blessings and give thanks for the good and the bad since without sorrows and mistakes we wouldn’t be able to learn how to be better human beings.

Happy 2013, may the upcoming year bring each and everyone of you many blessings, health, love, enough income to provide, happiness, joy, motivation, a lot of dreaming, inspiration and great moments of togetherness with all the ones you love.


These are my wishes from my family to yours!


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