Recipe for Success

Recently I joined a network of savvy Latinas named Latina Lifestyle Bloggers. This week had the pleasure to meet many of them, here the list of ingredients I learned from them to be successful:

  • Several kilos of COURAGE
  • Unlimited cups of PERSEVERANCE and PERSISTANCE
  • Unlimited pounds of TEAM WORK and COLLABORATION
  • Several quarts of TRAINING and EDUCATION
  • Endless spoons of PASSION
  • All you can have in KINDNESS
  • Sprinkles of GOOD LUCK
  • And loads of ENERGY to make it happen

Many different backgrounds and stories but all sharing the same dream and united by a common theme: “success and recognition”. We all want to leave a legacy and touch the lives of our followers, non followers, colleagues and everyone that passes by what we share and write.

Helping our fellow Latinas and our community is also another commonality I found, I’m very pleased and honored that our group will embrace a program that will support after school education for the children so that we can give back all the good we have received.

It is exciting that I with my little contribution and my recipes blog have found a way to make a difference and why not become an inspiration to get involved.

Following my motto “simple food create master pieces” we all can create a master piece with simple and creative ways to help each other and the community.

Thank you to Latina Lifestyle Group can’t wait for all the great things and projects we will do together.

Let’s cook, live, be healthier, become fashionistas and enjoy what life has to offer!


Latina Lifestyle Conference October 2011

Latina Lifestyle Conference October 2011

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  • Aniceris CS (@CineAny)

    It was such an honor to meet you Vecina! You truly are the definition of humble POWER! I can’t wait to see what more beautiful projects you will bring to the world! I’m inspired by you! <3

    • Adriana

      Blushing! Thank you for your kindness looking forward to continue in touch! Abrazos!!!